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Celiac test

Hi, seen the GP this morning following my last thyroid tests. Asked her about dropping gluten expecting her to poo poo it but she said there is likely something in it (I know loads of people on here are 100% that there is). She's ordered me a celiac blood test, obviously hoping that's negative and I know it's actually very rare so fingers crossed. I was wondering though, would it pick up a 'sensitivity' or is it like the thyroid antibodies - you either have them or you don't?

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You need to be eating gluten once or twice a day for up to six weeks before the test otherwise the coeliac screen will be negative. It's not a reliable test and false-negatives are common. The screen will test for gluten-intolerance but is unlikely to pick up on non-coeliac gluten insensitivity. You can test for that yourself by eliminating gluten for a few weeks and seeing whether you have reactions when you reintroduce it.


It's possibly more common than you think. I was hypo/hashi for many years then didn't feel right for a few years. Finally diagnosed Coeliac last year even though I didn't have classic gut symptoms - just low iron.

It can be typical to have more than one auto immune disease sadly


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