Endocrinologist's who support T3 Liothyronine in Bristol

Does anyone know of a Endo that I can go to who knows and prescribes Liothyronine. I have been told by the Endo I was referred to, that she will not prescribe it, because it does not work in her opinion, is too expensive and the money could be spent elsewhere in the NHS. I am pretty upset about it. So any suggestions or names, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

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The Endos at Spire and BRI are not Lio friendly, don't know about Southmead but the hospital admin leaves a lot to be desired !

Thank you bantman12 :) I only went to the BRI because it was more convenient appointment. I totally agree they do not support the drug. I was told that she would discharge me back to my GP and she didn't care if I took her advice or not. It is deemed unnecessary and the money can be spent elsewhere! Are you under Southmead yourself? I have just been discharged from there for other reasons. I was under Southmead as a child (born with the condition). But have only recently comeback to the Bristol area.

I saw B A at Spire and my husband saw K B at BRI. I went to Southmead new hospital shortly after it opened, it was for Parathyroid surgery which went well but then was referred to urology which was dreadful, admin is appalling, cancelled appts and not told then appts I had no idea I had, worst was I was advised and given the wrong treatment, only found out when I went elsewhere ! I will never go there again.

When Colin Dayan was at bristol he supported t3 and he was the one who did research into the D102 gene

Ask for referral to him at Cardiff

Would my surgery refer me to one in Cardiff though?? Would I have to see him privately? Thank you for the name though. Much appreciated. :)

Just researched the Endo's available and they will hide behind each other but there appears to be no one, unless you go private who will support the Liothyronine I am on. So I am to be weaned off, as it is not viable, too expensive and money could be spent else where. I was told by the Endo that she didn't care if I took her advice but she would not be prescribing and didn't know anyone that did other than the private sector. I am going to complain about her conduct but it won't get me far. I have had appointments cancelled at the last minute too. Also had to chase appointments and then appointments made that clashed and then deemed unnecessary at Southmead. So no impressed either. I think they are all the same to be honest. Thank you for your reply.

Only nhs and yes your surgury should make an out of area referral

my grandaughter got it from reading

Thank you so much :)

Hello, when you say only nhs, does this refer to Prof. C.D in Cardiff? I was hoping to see him privately.

Yes Prof C D is SOLELY NHS absolutely no private clinic but he is a truly excellent endo

Thank you so very much for your reply

Going private makes no difference, they don't change their beliefs just because the patient is paying, I saw B A privately and although initially ok it didn't end we!!, I walked out in disgust !

I am glad I am not the only one that walks out! When I did many moons ago, I was compared to someone who had just developed a problem with their thyroid, which is horrific but no relevance to my condition or circumstance. I was born with a partial gland. I was referred because my then GP had dramatically dropped my dose. What gets me most is that they compare you to others instead of treating you as an individual. They go on about studies which are unfounded to your needs too. Several times I was confronted with "I know a dr was struck off for giving thyroxine as a slimming agent" - To me, I am not interested in that, I am interested in my quality of life. But they don't care, not interested. I virtually bang my hand sometimes in disbelief of these professionals - makes me laugh. They ought to walk in our shoes to know how it feels. Have you been able to get the help you need?

I went to her for parathyroid diagnosis and that worked although it took some persuading, problem came about because she insisted on messing with my thyroxine dose which didn't need messing with and was not why I was seeing her, got a little heated in the end so exit me ! I hope you find someone but not going to be easy, good luck !!

Thank you but unlikely at the moment. I have had to fight it all my life and proved them wrong. Time will tell. The trouble is they forget that these little tablets are our lifeline and not sweeties. So when they start messing around, it affects us in everyway possible, both physically and mentally. Good luck to you too :)

Sorry to hijack this thread but I'm seeing my new GP shortly and want to push for a referral to properly test for hypothyroid. I'm from Bristol so where should I push to go to? Thanks

Hi steviep43,

I would avoid the BRI Endo's - mine was hopeless, rude and unprofessional and seriously lacking in empathy! If you are referred by your GP you should get Book and Choose and there are several hospitals you can attend, even in Bath! Can't speak about them, but I was given Southmead as a choice. I wish I had gone there now, at least the parking is better. Good luck and I hope you get the results you need. Please note though, if you want T3 Lithyronine, you won't get it on the NHS - they are stopping it due to the price. A lot of people, including myself from now on, have to fund it ourselves. Let us know how you get on.

Take care :)

push for referral to Prof C D at Cardiff

Also following this thread. I did read on here that there is a consultant in Weston that will prescribe. Has anyone been there?

I am not sure Vanessavanessa,

I was originally prescribed the T3 by a Endo in private practice, must be over 12 years ago, maybe longer.

There was not a problem in those days, but I think the original pharmaceutical company were taken over and since then have charged what they like.

I know Bristol are very against it because of the price really, but will hide behind how dangerous it is blah blah blah, but it isn't if taken correctly.

Sorry I can't help anymore :(

Hope you find someone that can help you. I am still getting mine on the NHS, but I fear I am on borrowed time.

Take care :)

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