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Please can I get some advice on my blood results

I have recently been diagnosed with under-active thyroid. I had some tests in April and the doctor put me on 50mg of levo before we got the results. I have just had an appointment with endocrinology and they have upped my dose to 100mg after the new tests.

On first of April my blood results were TSH 19.8, FT4 9.8, TPO antibody 378

on 27th June (after 3months of 50mg daily) they were TSH 10.7, FT4 13.8

I have a lump in my throat and I think it had started to grow again but now seems like it has receded a bit again since upping the dose

Been feeling pretty run down for last few weeks and have had a headache for about a week now - not sure if this is due to upping my dose, or because I have been on the wrong dose, or unrelated.

Would be good to know if there are any diet changes or supplements I could take?

Any advice would be really appreciated, I'm a total newbie with all of this.


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Hi RootyTooty I'm not sure whether or not you've been told (I'm betting on not) but your high TPO antibodies mean that you have autoimmune thyroiditis aka Hashimoto's disease where the antibodies fluctuate, attack the thyroid and eventually destroy it.

The best thing you can do is go completely gluten free (no cheating). Gluten contains gliadin (a protein) which is thought to trigger autoimmune attacks so eliminating gluten can help reduce these attacks. Also, supplementing with selenium helps reduce the antibody attacks.

Also, get your Vit D, B12, ferritin and folate tested, post the results with reference ranges and members can suggest supplements for any deficiencies. Optimal levels of vits and mins are needed for thyroid hormone to work properly.

Levo should be taken with a glass of water, one hour before or two hours after eating. Leave one hour between taking Levo and supplements (iron 4 hours)

Your Levo is obviously doing it's job but you are not optimally medicated yet, you will need your thyroid tests repeated in a few weeks and maybe another dose adjustment. The Hashimoto's means that your symptoms and levels will fluctuate as and when the antibodies are attacking, hence the reason to try and reduce the attacks.

When having blood drawn for your thyroid tests, make the earliest possible appointment, fast (water only, breakfast after blood draw), and do not take your Levo for 24 hours, wait until after the blood draw.

Some reading about Hashi's


thanks for your response, my GP and the hospital have explained about Hashimotos. How do I get my vitamin levels tested - is that something I can ask from my GP? Good advice regarding blood tests, I have my next on in sept and then Jan I think.


RootyTooty You can ask your GP to do the vitamin and mineral tests. Ask for all four of them, it's important to have them all at optimal levels for your thyroid hormone to work properly. If your GP wont do them then you can get them done privately with a fingerprick test (or blood draw, your choice) through Blue Horizon

Once you have your test results, make a new thread and post the results with reference ranges. Members can then comment on whether your levels are optimal (doubtful all of them will be) and where any deficiencies are, and suggest supplements to help.


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