Spoke to my GP about my first results

Spoke to my GP about my first results

I shall include my results here too on the photo. They are my results 7 weeks into taking thyroxine.

My GP was very happy with my progress. He said the TSH has come from from 9.28 and FT4 has risen so that's good. He's happy with all the vitamin levels too as they were all so low. He suggested we tried 50mg of thyroxine if I was happy to, to which I said no, or I'd give it some thought. My reason for this is slowly I am feeling a little better physically, I am so petite and medication sensitive I am scared to increase the dose incase I feel worse for it. I always in body size and respond well to small doses of any drug. I also explained my FT4 was 15.7 (12-22 range) to begin with and the 25mg has risen it over 17 so my fear is 50mg could rise it further up towards the 22 or over and cause hyperthyroid type symptoms. Now I suffer from an anxiety disorder and PTSD caused by my brother attacking me 4 years ago. I do not want to risk any further anxiety issues to which my GP agreed. He has said we will do 7 more weeks at the 25mg then do bloods. If the bloods show my TSH hasn't lowered next time then we will increase to 50mg and take a risk of me developing any side effects such as the anxiety, because we need to get the TSH lower than 6 so that I can feel well, but for now he thinks my plan is best for me.

I did something huge for me 2 weeks ago. Ivhave privately gone back to therapy. This time not for CBT to help anxiety but to see someone about the trauma I experienced 4 years ago. My grandmother died in 2012, then 3 months later my brother attacked me and my family turned their backs on me because I wouldn't forgive him. I was alienated. It caused an anxiety disorder and I couldn't leave my home. To this day I still have agoraphobia on and off and I am sick of struggling. I was doing well back out living my life 70% recovered, then last year my thyroid started failing fast and I became chronically ill. My GP wouldn't listen to me just blaming anxiety, yet I felt my health deteriorating fast. My son became ill with panic attacks due to bullying in school, all at the same time as my ill health and it broke me once again. Since November BOOM I have had anxiety daily again. Being unwell I obviously was housebound alot as I have been too unwell physically to go out and with that my agoraphobia has crept back in. It's been horrible. I told my GP and he was so pleased I had decided to go for some support as he thinks I do have PTSD and need that help with my anxiety, and that the recent ill health and trauma seeing my son struggling has been a trigger. It's taken alot for me to do and admit that I need this support as i am a strong person, and did therapy for anxiety for so long, I don't like to go backwards, but enough is enough and I need this support so I can get over all of this and get back out living my life, for me and my children. I don't want to be hiding away at home afraid to see people and letting my hypothyroidism scare me so much :-( I want to get back to the place I was this time last year, and I know in time i will. Everything happens for a reason and this in time will make me stronger I'm sure.

I just thought I'd update you all. Thank you for always being so kind.

Julie x

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  • Jingyd35 Good to hear that you're feeling better, but your TSH could do with coming down some more. I understand you want to take it slow, and that you have sensitivities to meds, but when you feel ready you could increase to 37.5mcg instead of 50. Either cut your 25mcg tablets in half with a pill cutter, or alternate 25mcg one day and 50mcg the next.

    Vits and mins have come up nicely. Aim for 100+ with your Vit D and at least half way through range for ferritin.

  • Thank you, that could be an idea. I will see how i go for a few more weeks. He said he has seen patients feel well at 25mg but most need that 50mg. He knows I have anxiety issues so agreed he doesn't want to risk that FT4 going too high so we will take it slow but if at any time I change my mind to give him a call and we will increase it. He was great and at last totally on board which is great.

    Yes I was wondering what the vitamin D should be. I haven't ever had it tested before. i have been supplementing 2000iu a day for 3 months now so i am guessing it was pretty low before so I was right to supplement it. I shall continue with the 2000iu for now. The B12 is very high so I am reducing from 2000mg to the 1000mg now I think. My ferritin at its lowest was 8 so I am pleased it's almost 50 but I'd like to see it nearer the 100 mark so I shall keep going with that.

    Thank you for your kind reply.


  • Sounds like a good plan Julie, and it's good to hear your doctor is being supportive.

    Are you taking K2 with your vit D to direct calcium to bones and teeth?

  • No but I shall be buying some. I've been told it's good to take with the vitamin d from another member. I didn't realise.

  • But don't take it at the same time as D3 - opposite end of the day

  • Just fyi (from someone else w anxiety issues) I never had worse anxiety than when my t4 was low. Felt better on a good dose of meds but when I tried to wean myself off levo (was going to give t3 a try) it skyrocketed. Just wanted to say that because docs seem to be fixated on anxiety being a hyper thing but it can be a hypo thing too.

    Also, take your d supplements w some fat (either w a meal or even a bit of cheese or something). It's fat soluble and needs some fat to be absorbed. I couldn't get my d levels up before I found out (though you seem to be doing well w yours).

    Sounds like you may have a good gp, which is great. I wish you all the best. x

  • Glad to hear you are accessing therapy again. There is no shame in that because you have been through such a lot. The strength is in admitting that you need some help.

    Hope you find a good level of Levo that you can tolerate.

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