t3 felt vert strong

hi i got some t3 yesterday,ive been on 1 grains for ages and i cant raise past that every time i try to i feel terrible.so i got some t3 to try and after taking my ndt about 4 hours later i tried this t3. it felt very powerfull even at that dose and it gave me a throbbing head ache the rest of the day is it normal to feel like this after taking it?

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  • Hi, what dose of T3 did you take?

  • i got 25 mg tablets and i took a quarter so it would be 6.5.

  • This dose of 6.25mcg of T3 is the equivalent of taking 31-50mcg of T4, as T3 is 5-8x stronger than T4. This increase maybe too much for your body to assimilate in one go, so perhaps try a smaller dose next time and see how you get on. Also some people are intolerant to the inactive ingredients in the synthetic thyroid medications and get negative side effects. Each brand has a slight variation in their inactive ingredients. So if you still react negatively and only taking a small dose e.g. 1mcg of T3 of your present brand, then perhaps look at trying a different brand.

  • its difficult to cut these tablets any more lol maybe ill try half that amount today.i think my bodys starved of t3 cause my t3 is at the top of the scale im gona try t3 only next week.

  • Mark,

    6.5mcg T3 is a good starting dose as it is very powerful .... 3-4 times as potent as T4 and with almost total absorption within four hours.

    Many members split their dose between two to three times a day to reduce the rapidity of onset and prolong the duration of its action but 6.5mcg would be expected to be taken in one dose.

    Headaches are common when first introducing T3 but you have been medicating it in your NDT. It could be a reaction to the elevated RT3 which it should help to offset.

    Have you reduced NDT to accommodate the extra T3 as you have plenty of thyroid hormone in your system already ? ? ..

  • It's worth investing in a good pill cutter but I know what you mean it is SO fiddly trying to get such small doses out of a 25mcg tablet. I've even looked into getting mini electronic scales (readily available to buy on Amazon and Ebay), so I can crush a whole tablet and weigh out the doses more accurately, as it's near impossible to get even amounts when trying to get such small doses out of the tablet by cutting it up, when getting lower than 6.25mcg doses, I've found.

    Good luck :-)

  • P.S. once you've found a starting dose that you can tolerate, give yourself a week or so for your body to adjust to this dose level and then increase again very slowly and cautiously, so over time you will in theory reach your desired therapeutic level of T3 for your body.

  • ok will do thanks very much.

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