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some advice please

hello I'm new to all this I was diagnosed with an over active thyroid gland in April this year was put on 40mg carbimazole after my next blood tests was also given 50mg of livothyroxine to take so on block and replace this was done by my gp while we waited for hospital app as there was a 9 wk waiting anyway had app total waste of time no help to me what so ever could someone please tell me do I take the livo first or the carbimazole at the moment been taking the livo first thing the about 2 21/2 hours later the carbimazole feeling very low and lonely ...

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Hi it does take time for everything to pick up. I have been on block and replace for 6 years and was always told by my endo to take the tablets together right up until Two months ago and was told to take the thyroxine an hour before food and the carbimazole with my breakfast. I don't feel any different either way but it is what is recommended on here.

You will have some ups and downs along the way, but I on the whole have been pretty healthy.

It will take time to get the right doses of the tablets. Hope you feel better soon.


thank you yes I know it will take some time to sort out do feel better than I did


Make sure you get regular thyroid blood tests (at least 8-12 weeks) so that the Levo and Carbimazole are optimely balanced. Often we are allowed to go hypo, on B&R by not being prescribed enough Levo.

Try and get your test results each time (with ranges). You can post them on here if you are not feeling well and members can will get advise.

Have you had antibodies tested to see if you have Graves disease?


Thank you my next blood test is on the 27th July and I have a phone app with the hospital on the 3rd August no idea about having a test for Graves disease nobody has said anything about it to me will ask my gp


Ask both of them, at least then you have more chance of getting it done!


thank you so much for your advice feel totally lost at the moment


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