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Some advice please


Hello, not posted on here for a while, ended up in hospital when a very bad chest infection set off my childhood asthma and I couldn't breathe! My blood oxygen level went low and I fainted, all in all, a very slow process, but now got some new inhalers and finally seem to be breathing better.

In November I started to add in a 1/4 25mg of T3 to my usual dose of 100 Levo.

I did this for a week and then was poorly and in hospital, so just stayed with my Levo dose.

Beginning the last week of December, I resumed my 1/4 T3 dose, and then increased to 1/2 after 10 days. I have now been on 1/2 dose since last week. I m currently planning to increase by 1/4 tablet every 2 weeks, stopping at 1 whole tablet and then reducing my Levo to 75, and holding for 6 weeks before a re-test.

The advice I want is I am currently always really hot, I was before I started my T3 as well, but thought the T3 might help to start sorting things out.

I am still putting on weight, and still feel so exhausted, so my Hypo symptoms don't seem to be improving ( I know it will not happen quickly), but this heat is really getting to me! I don't feel feverish, I just feel very hot, and can't bear any heating on, or when I'm cooking, having the door open. I do get cold, but its very rare. I am only 30!!

I was wondering if everything was all connected? Is this normal? Am I over-medicated? I've been on Levo for about 18 months now, and this heat had only come in the last 6 months.

Thank you so much for everybody's time & advice.

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It sounds like you have had a rubbish time! In my experience having trouble breathing and having to be in hospital are both very very stressful things. I don't know much about being hot it usually is the opposite of hypothyroid but in my experience when I don't feel well then difficulty regulating my temperature (hot or cold) go with feeling rubbish and may be indicating a "flare" which I think is just a cop out for you feel bad but we don't know why hopefully if we ignore it you will feel a bit better soon.

I wonder if your overall body has simply become too stressed with everything that has happened recently hence the increase in symptoms. It may take a while to feel better.

I have problems with asthma medications which seem to make me feel a lot worse especially short acting bronchodilators such as ventolin and will no longer use it which does not make me popular with my doctors at all!!

It is very hard when you have to try and find your own solution!

Hope the t3 starts to help. Good luck

Bellerin in reply to bd79og

Thank you :) I wasn't sure if it was stress as I have a high cortisol level? Hopefully the T3 will help eventually.

Have your ferritin and iron levels been checked recently? When I was too hot, like you are describing, I learned it can be a symptom of low iron. Since I started supplementing iron, I haven't had the "too hot" sensation even though I have yet to get to an optimal level of ferritin, etc., which you need for body to make use of thyroid meds

when tested, get the full panel of four tests, not just ferriton.

Bellerin in reply to MormorK

Thank you for this advice, do you know if there is anywhere I can get that tested privately? I have had my Thyroid tests done with a mail-order kit before, but not an iron test. I don't think my GP will let me have done with them, so I was wondering where else to go?

Thanks again :)

MormorK in reply to Bellerin

Iron deficiency is so important, GP should order tests, altho to save $$ they may only do Ferriton.

I got some labs done through and had no problems with them. (I am in USA; in Britain I don't know but others on this site willl.)

Assuming the test shows you below optimum--not just in the broad range--you have to take at least 125mg of a ferrous--not ferric--product. I take ferrous bisglycinate. It is gentle on the system.

You also should eat liver. I fix it with bacon and onion, or at least some catsup and find it tolerable.

Don't take any iron five days before testing.

Post results on this site so mods can tell you if there are anomalies in your results.

Optimum for Ferriton is 70-90 and I think for Serum Iron it is 110. But your TIBC saturation is also important to be at a level to make use of thyroid hormones. I don't know for sure, but I think it's about 30%.

Best of luck!


I've been browsing tests recently as I'm trying to decide to have rt3 and others done and don't need the exact tests offered on blue horizon who I have used successfully twice before. This company seems to offer a good iron test which you can do at home (so don't have to travel or pay for blood sample), I have not used them so I don't know how good they are but it looks quite good.

Bellerin in reply to bd79og

Thank you!! I will have a look. :)

MormorK in reply to bd79og

I think most labs would work but I got mymedialab from a list recommended by All are in North America. I hope you get results that are helpful.

Mormor K

Bellerin in reply to MormorK

Thank you :)

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