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Advice on Thyroid Hairloss

Hi I'm a 29 year old male was diagnosed with Hyperactive/overactive thyroid, I was given 20mg of Carbimazole. For the first 2 months I felt really well but in the 3rd month I felt really bad, mussel cramps pains and I noticed hair loss and eyebrow loss, my hair went very dry, very static, itchy scalp, burning sensation and flaky skin(dandruff and large dead skin) they even went lighter. When I got a blood test done on the 3rd month(this was the first time since I was diagnosed) I went Hypoactive/underactive. I was advised by endo not to take any medication(Carbimazole) for next 2 weeks and then get another blood test, results came back and endo advised to take 5mg Carbimazole for 4 weeks had another blood test was advised thyroid levels are at a normal range but TSH still low so was advised to take 5mg one day and 10mg the second day. Thankfully my eyebro hair has reduced shedding but hair loss has gone worse to the point it's so bad when I stroke my hand across my hair I have at least 5-7 strands of hair on my hand and when I shower the drainage gets blokes and i got short hair.

Endo said this should get better and you hair loss is linked to going underactive and I should wait a few months.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

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I'm French but leave in the UK. I had a first episode of hyper 3 years ago and I relapsed 3 months ago. I use a product that you vaporised on your hair called Cystine Bailleux B6. I order it online in France or in Belgium. It works like a charm. I usually order it at

Otherwise you can try the cysteine tablets - you can find them anywhere in the UK including Amazon.


Hi Nathalie, I tried looking for your Cystine Bailleux B6 on the link you've given, but there was nothing of that name there. Did you mean this :

Cystiphane Biorga Lotion Anti Chute 125 ml

I must say I'm rather dubious about this, as hair-loss can be caused by so many different things. One of them being low T3. If low T3 is the cause, then I Don't see this is going to help much.

So, you might say, well, it can't do any harm, can it? But it contains B6. Now, many hypos are low in B vitamins, and take a B complex, which contains B6. But, it would seem, too much B6 can be a bad thing :

So, that would be something to take into consideration when thinking about using this product. Plus, it's not exactly given away, is it. So it would be a terrible waste of money if it didn't work. :)


I'll try to find another link. You're temporarily in hypo, it will come to pass in a couple of weeks or so. Carbimazole is the culprit, it makes you lose your hair.


They changed the name - I ordered a month ago and it was still called Cystine Bailleux. Here's the direct link

You don't have to worry about B6, it's not absorbed by the hair.


Dear Nahalie,

Bonjour! Thank you for the tip regarding zinc and sulphur containing amino acid for hair and nails . I did some searching on Google and found a UK based market:

I am concerned about the hair loss symptom of Hashimot's Thyroiditis.

Wishing you and all of us a rapid recovery.

God bless



Hello Colette,

Thanks for sending the link but I cannot open it.

Your hair loss may be due to Carbi: I lost hair while being hyper and then after 3-4 months of Carbi - even on 5mg. Cystine solved the issue. I hope it will be the same for you.

I never went into hypo so I know nothing about it and I always tested negative for Hashi anti-bodies. You could have your antibodies tested to be sure.

Wishing you all the best.



Dear Nathalie.

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive response. I will try the Cystine. I am supposed to be (I have a big resistance to pharmaceuticals encouraging dependence; and not treating root cause, and to this multi billion dollar Industry itself) on synthetic thyroxin for Hypothyroidism? Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: Levothyroxine 25mg. Because my TSH ( Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is rocketing. Meaning it is working hard to coax the thyroid into producing normal levels of thyroxin, as you know. Grave's disease is also an autoimmune problem producing high levels of thyroxin.

So I have been researching the 'leaky gut' connection causing autoimmune response; and feel there is a connection there due to many prescription of antibiotics I had, years ago, and amongst other contributors toward leaky gut. I found that there are 3 supplements that give strong support and help repair porosity of leaky gut: 'Colostrum' which is also said to be tested with good results in The Royal Hospital; L Glutamine, and Quercitin.

You will be aware of the debates around iodine. Our water with its treated fluoride and chlorine levels displace the iodine levels in our bodies: Iodine, chlorine and fluoride are referred to as halogens, and are atomically interchangeable, meaning iodine will be absorbed by what it is in our water: I filter my water, and have been doing for many years.

Endocrine system and adrenals can be deeply affected and put out of balance by caffeine. I don't take caffeine, for over a year now, and feel so much better off it too! Wheat and gluten free diet has been adopted (for over a year). Vitamin B12, selenium, zinc and Kelp for mineral replacement, and Fulvic Acid Restore helps too. I have now adopted a high level of raw food intake: fresh fruit and vegetables, which can induce many positive changes, taking in live enzymes. I don't know it any of this is of use to you? I hope so. Thank you again for sharing wishing you rapid healing and recovery. God bless Nathalie, have a lovely



Lynx, your endo could be right. Low T3 does cause hair-loss - especially on the eyebrows (not sure they ever grow back...). But, has he tested your testosterone? Has he tested your iron? Low iron will cause you to lose your hair. As will low B vitamins.

If I were you, I would ask him to test

vit D

vit B12




All of these must, in any case, be optimal if your body is going to be able to use the hormone your gland is making. B12 should be 1000 to be optimal, and the others should be at least mid-range. Just 'in range' isn't good enough. So, best to supplement any deficiencies.

Take care.


Hi Greygoose

Really appreciate your advice, I'm going to get all these tests done just in case, will provide feedback on the results.



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