Times newspaper - extortionate prices for drugs, update


I wrote to Dr Sarah Wollaston on 5th June, sent a reminder on 16th June. Have at last received an acknowledgement saying

"Thank you for your email following up earlier correspondence. I am writing to assure you that your earlier correspondence will be replied to once Dr Wollaston has been able to consider it. Replies can usually take up to four weeks".

Has anything actually happened to sort out this dreadful situation ? Has Jeremy Hunt done anything at all?

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Doubt it :-(

Maybe after tomorrow,maybe not!

Dear Treepie,

I think nothing will change, irrespective of what happens tomorrow.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Pessimist of Tunbridge Wells

Dear Bean,

I was thinking not of the outcome but that Ministers have nothing else on their mind but again that is unlikely to change in the short term whatever the outcome. So you are most likely right.

When the NHS is so underfunded ,it is extroadinary that every possible saving by curbing profiteering is not carried out.But then we have the other problem : inept ,lazy managememt,civil servants and Politicians.

Ever the optimist. I am awaiting a reply also but I guess there is a lot going on at the moment. If nothing happens I will go and see Dr Wollaston as she is my MP and find out in person. In the past I have found her to be very thorough and supportive

Thank you Airmed. We have to keep trying. Otherwise nothing will ever change!

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