Hi everyone! I posted about NDT yesterday and got so many great responses so I wanted to ask about T3, as well. I just started NDT a week ago but because my FT3 was at the lowest point of the range, I'm thinking I'm going to want to add some to my NDT. I've seen a lot of people on here do really well with it. So when and how exactly is the best way to go about doing this? Details would be very appreciated, thank you so much!

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  • Nessiam Don't consider T3 at this stage. NDT contains T3 so as you've started taking that give it a few weeks then retest to see what your FT3 and FT4 levels are. You may find that the amount of T3 in NDT is enough to raise your FT3, particularly if your vitamins and minerals are at optimal levels to aid conversion, also selenium aids conversion. You certainly don't want to be overdoing T3.

  • Unfortunately, I'm not at optimal levels at all but I'm working on it, thank you! And I wasn't planning on starting it yet but just wanted to get advice for if/when I do.

  • If you've just started NDT a week ago, I would wait a while to see how your body adapts as NDT does contain T3, plus all of the hormones a healthy gland would produce.

    Many do very well on NDT and also to chop/change quickly will mean it takes longer to suss out what suits or what doesn't so it's worth going along with NDT for a while, unless of course you have some bad side effects.

  • I'm definitely going to give NDT a fair chance before introducing anything else, I was just trying to get advice for if/when I do. Interestingly enough, my dr is actually the one who thinks I should be taking T3(not that I'm one to listen to him) but after reading people's success stories on here, I definitely wanted to know more.

  • If your doctor suggested T3, I'd definitely hang onto him as others would not even consider prescribing T3.

  • Two things, one don't forget to raise NDT gradually, eg allowing 2-4 weeks before first raise and 2 weeks after that. Secondly, too much t3 in proportion to the t4 in your NDT will be counter productive as your body will just turn more t4 into reverse t3 as it senses the levels of t3 in the blood. So definitely get your NDT optimal and see how you feel.

  • Thank you, I appreciate the advice! I need as much information as possible so I appreciate it!

  • Your very welcome. Think of the cells of your body like a dry sponge, if you poured a jug of water over it the majority would run off, but if u poured a little, waited for the sponge to absorb it and then poured some more etc the sponge would eventually reach capacity. It's like that with thyroid meds when you first start, the cells need time to take up a little before they will cope with taking up more. Add to this that the t4 in ur NDT will last up to eight weeks and be converted as and when you need it - assuming u r converting ok etc - and u can see why it needs to be a gradual process. Patience can be hard, especially if ur feeling very ill, but u can't hurry it, it will back fire. Let us know how u get on.

  • Love that description, what a clever way to put it :-)

  • Can't take credit for that analogy, but yes it's a very good one.

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