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Feeling hot, hot, hot

Not quite accurate as I only realise I feel warm occasionally. Is it possible to go from feeling the cold to feeling warm with an underactive thyroid and no change in medication? I have taken my temperature and even before I got out of bed today it was over 38° C. It was high when I took once in January, my son had flu and I took everyone’s temperature to make sure the thermometer was reading correct because his was showing 40° C.

I never used to mind the heat, even on holiday in the Caribbean years ago, but always dreaded winter and the inevitable chilblains. However since last summer I have started to feel warm, I first thought it was because it was summer but when winter came I was constantly turning down the thermostat and my husband kept turning it back up, if I walk into places when they have the heating on I have to remove my jacket. Even this time of year I want to remove layers in places that do not have their heating on, I can only cope with rooms that do not have direct sunlight or even better air conditioning. I initially thought I was possibly menopausal but there has been in change in my periods, they are still as regular as clockwork which compared to before diagnosis is a blessing. I am only 47 and I think my mother was around 55 when she went through the menopause, she had me at 47 :O

After giving up work last year which was the main cause of stress in my life I was hoping to start relaxing and feeling better but that has not been the case. I have been taking a raft of supplements, though no adaptogens at present, to help and I even increased to 2 ¼ grains of NDT a couple of months ago but I have not noticed any difference yet, though I do have odd days when my head is a little clearer and I can think without getting a headache. My energy levels and weight have not changed and my memory is still so bad I cannot remember what it feels like to be healthy and not wake up just as exhausted as when I went to bed and being able to walk without discomfort must be wonderful.

At a loss at to whether to reduce my NDT or is there something else I could try?


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Yes I get hot above the waist and very cold below.


Feeling warm was one of the first things I noticed when I was over medicated. I thought it was menopausal too as I had read that your temperature can be as much as two degrees warmer for the few years before the menopause. Blood tests showed I was nowhere near the menopause and was a symptom of being over medicated. I'm back to being cold now!


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