Back and all went well! Sorry is taken me a while to post. Just getting things sorted. Thank you all to the support And donations to TUK!

Back and all went well! Sorry is taken me a while to post. Just getting things sorted. Thank you all to the support And donations to TUK!

The Way was a fantastic experience in every sense. A very unique experience that has not only changed me, the way I see the world and challenged me at a physical and psychological level. I can attest that a well treated thyroid is key in enabling us living a full life. Treatment with T3 is really showing results and I'm hopeful of what the future will bring.

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  • Well done Brubru,

    It must have been a wonderful experience for you. The sights look fabulous.

    Onwards and upwards B.

    J 🍀

  • It was beautiful! I feel full of energy now! Onwards and upwards!

  • Welcome back Brubru, and congratulations on completing the pilgrimmage. I'm so glad you enjoyed the experience. Your photos are stunning.

  • Thank you! The places are stunning Clutter! The pics are all from my phone taken while walking, wherever you looked only beauty!

  • Congratulations and I agree wholeheartedly with you. If we are given the opportunity of 'options' for thyroid hormones it can put us on the road to recovery and a feeling of wellbeing restored which we thought may never return.

    Why are we being failed by many in the medical profession? It is so simple i.e. If patient keeps complaining try an alternative replacement hormone and they don't need 'additional' prescriptions for their remaining symptoms. People's lives will be restored.

    To keep patients unwell due only to the 'guidelines' laid down and not thought out and mis-leading information on the TSH and levothyroxine. It's certainly not good enough in this modern era when you can get a satellite to Jupiter but not allow us to have alternative hormones and proven ones at that.

  • Thank you Shaws! I've had an app with a new endo at Royal free this week and that's what I asked her: Why are we patients being taken way the right to feel good? At one point I was on 4 medications for the different symptoms of hypothyroidism, but no! The problem is not your thyroid, you take levo and bloods are fine. They are all isolated issues ( PMS, heavy period, depression, "narcolepsy"). Now I take only T3 and voilla! Hopefully this is my treatment!

  • It is mine thankfully and we are so thankful to eventually find a hormone that makes us whole again.

  • You sound like my brother did when he got home from his walks along The Way, he thought it fantastic and life changing too and still talks about them! It's a wonderful achievement - well done :)

  • Thank you and yes Framboise! Probably we all come back under a spell! I would go again in a heartbeat! I feel so grounded emotionally, and more centred. All the walk, without internet or TV, the alone time, the breath taking landscape all helped! Thank you also for your generous donation xx

  • Well done Brubru! I promised to sponsor you, but lost the details of your donating page. Please send me the details and I will sort out my donation.

    Glad you found the whole experience fantastic. We're back in Northern Spain for our son's wedding soon. MariLiz

  • Thank you MatiLiz! I'll post the link. Oh what a beautiful place to get married! Lovely food and wine, smiley people. Congratulations on your son's wedding!

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