Endo in Northants?

Can anyone recommend a good, decent, understanding private endocrinologist in Northamptonshire or surrounding areas, who has shown empathy and real and up to date knowledge in hypothyroidism with the willingness to prescribe T3.

I feel like I have to do all the research and try to understand this disease and associated problems before then explaining it to GP and try to convince him. I really need to find someone who will take the lead.

Please private message me if we're not allowed to name consultants in the general forum.

Many many many thanks

Ali x

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Hi Ali, I am just up the road in Sth. Leicestershire. I will be interested if someone has a forward thinking Endo. Sorry I can't find where to private message but I don't think we are suppose to say Dr. name? The Endo I see is very good with my type one diabetes but blames my thyroid symptoms on my diabetes when I have made every effort to get even better control after reading on Thyroid UK I think for 20 years because my Thyroid hasn't been properly medicated it makes my diabetes a bit out of control. I had Mixadema 30 years ago and Diabetes 20years. Have been on Eltroxin since being diagnosed, it's only recently since the companies have merged I have started to feel rubbish. I am going to try Activis for two months see if it is any better. Best wishes Kathy. x

Hi To both. I have a wonderful, cheap lady Endo in Leamington Spa, She consults on a Saturday. I have armour and T3, funny bloods! I have just come out of hospital, worse than when I went in, untreatable, so fairly rotten at the moment. if you are interested, lots of TUK see her, recommended by me. Send me a PM I will send you my usual info., lots.Very contactable after seeing her. If you wish some follow ups can be skype or phone etc.

Click on my nameto send a PM if desperate!


Jackie, I could really do with finding out contact details for the lady Endo in Leramington Spa, not sure how tyo PM on this site. If you can e-mail me that would be great and thank you in anticipation. Off to see my GP in 20 minutes hey ho.

Please send contact details of your endo

Jackie please send contact details of your endo

Hi Kathy Thanks for the info. To private message someone click on the envelope sign at the top of the page in the green part. All the best. Ali x

I am going to see a chap in Leicester this week, so I can let you know after that if he's OK! I did a search online and found that he has a special interest in thyroid disease. Many of them specialise in diabetes or something else.

Hi Judy Yes, please do let us know how you get on and if you find him good to deal with, good attitude etc. Best of luck for your appt. Ali x

Hi Judy - I will be interested in your visit as I'm not so far away from Leicester. Please report back ! x

Hi Judy - how did you get on with your new endo this week? I hope it went well and he was what you wanted. Ali x

Hi Ali, I also see the endo Jackie recommends,she's a lovely lady,and with her help My health is the best it's been for 17years! Bev x

Hi Bev. That's really great to hear. Please can you pm me with her details. Did you need a gp's referral? Ali x

Hi would you mind giving me details of the endo you see please. I'm desperately seeking someone who can help me.



Hi, Alit.

I live in Northampton and a couple of years ago saw a local endo, I had a horrible experience with her, she and her student Laughed and said I Did Not have an underactive thyroid and never would - Discharged ! (despite my signs and symptoms and family history). Since last July I saw the wonderful Dr. S. He believed me and I felt alive again after 20 years, It felt amazing ! When he very sadly passed away, my gp refused to increase my Thyroxine from 100mg to 125 + as Dr. S had requested and Reduced it to 75mg. I became very unwell again. Despite now having increased to 150mg using the top up Private Prescription from Dr. S. (I received this just before he died) I am still feeling so ill and unable to get out of bed most days. I had been due to see him in January when he was going to discuss adding T3. (my gp Will Not risk her career for me!). She Has referred me back to a different local endo but did suggest I look for a another hospital ! I have too much brain fog to do this and possibly could not travel any distance on the appoint day. I did speak to the endo's secretary yesterday and she has confirmed that he Does prescribe T3 and NDT, but as my gp had asked for a Routine appointment it my take 4 to 12 weeks to been seen. Meanwhile I will see (again) on Thursday, another gp in the practice and hope He remembers that a Doctor is supposed to Help and Not Harm his patient. Depending on his help or lack of, I will have to source meds online meantime.

If anyone in the Northampton area would like to PM me please do so. It would be good if maybe we could meet up for a cuppa and a chat. I know I have no one to speak to face to face who has any idea of what it's been like, because they only see me on a - Good Day - and think I look wonderful. I tell them I've got new meds -Mascara and Lipstick- they work wonders !!!

Wishing everyone a good day,

Take Care,


ps. Sorry my reply was so long.

Hi Evey. I was so sad to read your reply. It's a lonely thing to have - hypothyroidism. I felt very much like you on diagnosis until I joined this forum and a supoort group in Milton Keynes. It's so hard to get to grips with all the associated problems when you have this brain fog. Too much to take in, understand and then convince your go it's all connected. Your endo experience is awful. Just what I want to avoid. Poor you. I hope you have better luck with an alternative GP. I'm up for a coffee sonetime. PM me with when you are available. Ali x

Hi Yes, she does all that. She especially likes T3 and gives what ever is best for the patient. Totally believes in patients opinions. She does like T4 and T3 best but happy to give what ever needed..She is very up to date with all the latest medical info , especially from the States.Well known for her research too.

Just discovered this is not on a PM will continue there.


The Endocrinologists at Kettering General Hospital are supposed to be brill. They are NHS but I do think they do private at the Woodlands Hospital in Kettting. I have heard only good things about them and this is from 5 different people who have had different problems with their thyroid such as underactive, Graves disease and one had total thyroidectomy and he has had no problems whatsoever with dosages of medication afterwards.

Hi everyone, i know this is quite an old thread but i saw this and wondered if someone could PM me the details of the lady as mentioned in Leamington Spa. i have been referred by my GP but my local hospital doesn't have any appts before Xmas and i'm really confused about the results and discussion i has with my GP and would like to be seen sooner than i think i will be on the NHS as this is impacting a few areas of my life, not least my stress levels :(



HI I have also heard only good things about the Endos at Kettering General Hospital. They practice privately at the Woodlands hospital. One of my friends has underactive, loads of probs with GP and medication, symptoms not disappearing despite being on Thyroxine and getting worse. Luckily changed GPs, he referred to Kettering General and a year later she is back to normal. Two sisters overactive thyroid and they received fab care at Kettering also.

I on the other hand live borders of two counties, and have two local hospitals nearby. Kettering was one of them and I did not choose Kettering when referred to an Endo, I chose the other hospital and wasted 2 years with an Endo who was a diabetes professor and knew nothing about the thyroid! I did not do my research in my naïve days. Go on line and find out as much as you can about the Endos. Telephone secretaries and ask if they treat by symptoms, are they sympathetic and find out what they prescribe for thyroid conditions. Good luck.

Thanks Chicken, it is KGH where i am trying to get an appt but they won't even ring me to arrange an appt before 16 Oct, I just want to get the ball rolling as if nothing else we want to ttc but don't dare if i know i have thyroid issues. I'll wait it out to see what KGH say as they do seem very highly recommended.

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