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I had a heart operation in January and was put on Amiodarone. I came out on 28th January

Started Amiodarone at 200mg three times a day, then after 7 days down to twice a day then after another 7 days once a day.

I was eventually seen by cardiologist on 23rd May and was taken of this horrible drug. It has a lot of iodine in the drug., about 47% I think.

Anyway to the point.

My GP took my blood on 19th May for Thyroid test of TSH. Came back at 7.55mu/l Abnormal.

GP said leave it for now and we will see. Anyway did another blood test 30th June and result was 6.88mu/l with note underactive thyroid abnormal and a note to check blood again in 4 weeks. I have appointment booked for 28th July.

Is my GP doing the right thing as I have some of my hair, literally, coming out, feel weak and have trouble sleeping? BTW I also have Afib which does not help.

Has anyone any thoughts on this.

Am I going the right way.



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Ask your gp to check




Vit d3

Because before your underactive thyroid is treated the above need levels to be halfway in their ranges otherwise your body cannot utilise the thyroid medication


IMHO yes GP is doing the right thing. It could well be that the operation has caused yout Tsh to rise and it may well reduce some more yet and to treat thyroid when unnecessary can cause you more problems. You may end up needing thyroxine but it really is better to wait it out for another month if you can I think. Get them to check ft4 and ft3 for a complete picture next time if they are not doing so. Hope all goes well


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