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Myxoedema Mania

My mother many years ago, went to help a relative who had broken her hip. She forgot to take all her medications with her and left out the thyroxine. She had not taken it for quite a considerable number of weeks.

I went to see her when she went back to her home and found her sorting through all of her tinned store cupboard. She had thrown out every single item that did not have a blue label on, which just left one tin of baked beans. She had also thrown away all her private and personal papers, for example, Insurance polices, bank statements, etc. The bin had been emptied and taken everything that she had put In it. I immediately called her GP who told me straight away that he knew what the problem was. He said she had got myxoedema mania and it was all due to her not taking her thyroxine. She was soon back up and running around but it took a good couple of months to say she was really well.

I am sure that this is not what is wrong with you, but there were some funny moments to my mother's mania. Such as her screaming to my brother that the television was throwing into her sitting room, bags and bags of spiders. Another time she told him that she was off to get a policeman and get him to tell my brother to leave, he had lived with her up to that point all his life, he was about 30.

So there can be a little light humor to all ails, though not funny for the patient! I thought that a little levity to a serious condition can sometimes lift the spirit, so to speak.

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Probably explains a lot over the years! Thanks for the smile!


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