List of Allergies and Painting

List of Allergies and Painting

As mentioned yesterday to Schenks, here is my painting (or one of them). What I am really posting about is if anyone remembers a post of a list of allergies that happen with the deterioration of Thyroid. It was posted about 2 or 3 years ago and I have looked via the search facility, but cannot find it. If anyone could help I would be grateful.

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Well, I've managed to put it on the page, but sideways. It was right way up when I selected it!

Lovely! Great colouring :) well done! no allergies other than the fillers in cheap vits :)

Thankyou Pastille. Fillers seem to be a big problem for a lot of us.

Oh, I thought it was rather avant guard! lol Much, much better the right way up! Well done!!!

Thanks Greygoose. Must look at some others that way round to see if they have improved!


I don't think I've found the post you're looking for - but it definitely comes up a lot.


Great picture - such beautiful colours!

Thanks jazzw for liking my painting and for all the links. Unfortunately what I am looking for is not in any of these links. I think the post started with the list, going from overactive and what allergies to expect to underactive.

Super j_bee,

On 1st looking at your painting - as it is presented - I saw a carved piece of wood, with a small climbing plant to its left side.

Can you see what I see, that is the question?

Love it.

Thank you for showing us.

J 🍀

Hi Jose,

I think because I know what I painted that I can't see what you mean. If I was looking at it with fresh eyes I possibly could. I find it very hard to see something different once I have worked something out. The 'small climbing plant to the left' was a patch of primroses and try as I might,many times, I could not get the definition in the petals that my art teacher wanted. The paint just kept sinking in and becoming flat. Keep meaning to put definition in with coloured pencils, but one of those things that never gets done. Thanks for your praise.

j_bee, as they say across the Thames, well jel...

I'm as blind as Jose, I thought it was some very old, riven stone steps...I recall the Cadbury's flake girl deciding she liked her painting another way to how she'd painted it - do you remember ?

Thanks Rapunzul, love the name and avatar. Think that sounds as though you are the same side of the Thames as me. Remember the advert. If I half-close my eyes I can just see what you mean about the steps.

Oy vey j-bee do you want to borrow my varifocals you'd see it better then...I'm soo overdue an eye test and I know I need some new lenses but they're so madly expensive !

Can't remember the provenance of my avatar, which is listed in 'My Pictures' as 'Hair extensions and crystal ball'...not too far from the truth when I started posting, actually :)

Rapunzel, I had to give in and get new varifocals a couple of months early this year. Have never really got used to them in about 20 years, but can't be doing with having two pairs for different things, and certainly can't afford more than one pair.

Would love to see into a crystal ball.

Natural Endocrine Solutions have information about allergies/sensitivities relating to hypo/hyper thyroidism.

Celora, it was a list and not especially information, but will look at Natural Endocrine Solutions. Thanks for this link.

Love the painting either way!

Thank you Lina.

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