Has any one developed allergies after having a TT

I had my Thyroid removed in September and the last few months I have been really suffering with some sort of allergy. Sneezing, blocked or running nose, generally congested It is normally worse first thing in the morning and at night. Sometimes I'm even waking up in the night sneezing. I went to the GP on Friday and told oh its just hayfever we can't do allergy testing unless its life threatening. Also told it could be slight Asthma and all due to the stress of the operation!!! Has anyone else suffered like this after and how are you dealing with it? Thanks

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  • Hi prior to thyroidectomy didn't have any allergies.

    Now allergic to acrylic glues used in hospital dressings, tapes etc. I go bright red, swell, get breathless and end up covered in itchy spots. First reaction was immediately after thyroidectomy when they changed the dressing to send me home. Every operation now (I have back issues) I have to have antihistamine and steroid protection as well as taking my own materials. I have also become sensitive to wheat which at least keeps the weight stable as I don't eat bread, biscuits etc. any more. Like you, I have started getting hay fever symptoms also. I don't know the answer, but find that piriton works better than other antihistamines. Sandra

  • Hi there, what medication are you on? Some people are allergic to the fillers in levothyroxine. Mercury Pharma (Amdipharm) for example contains acacia powder which doesn't suit some people. Liz

  • I have 2 different brand of Levothyroxine this time. Actavis and Wockhardt. I've had Mercury Pharma before. I hadn't made that connection but worth looking at. Thank you

  • Could be nasal polyps. Did doc look up your nose?

  • No she didn't. She was very dismissive that's is only an allergy!! Well look in to that thanks

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