5 weeks Pregnant and hypothyroid?

3weeks ago I had a blood test tsh 24 (0.5-5) ft4 10.6 (9-19). My gp said it's ok but retest. 3weeks later i hav found out I'm pregnant. So did another test last week and tsh 30 ft4 9.7.

So it's gotten worse.

The gp said he is going to refer me to an endo, put it as urgent but doesn't know how long. Or I can go private ( which will cost me around £200 for one consultation) that appointment would be next week.

I asked if in the meantime he would treat it and he said he would rather I saw an endo.

What shall I do??? I have an old prescription for Levo 25mcg (was sub clinical but went back to normal las time so didn't use).

I honestly feel like taking them until I see endo, because these first weeks are so vital to baby

Any advice?


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I think you need to see someone else ASAP who knows what they are doing. You need to be started on levo immediately. You are not subclinical if you are having symptoms. I think he is foolish to wait until you see an endo. You need to see someone who knows about this stuff as soon as possible!

I can't advise whether or not you should take the levo you have. Even if you do, I really don't think 25mcg will be enough. If you had not been pregnant, you should have been started on levo as soon as your TSH went above 10, according to the guidelines, even if your T4 is in range (it's only just in range!)

If you were subclinical in the past but then became normal, you might have something called Hashimoto's disease, which is an autoimmune condition. It can cause fluctuations in thyroid hormone levels in the early stages but ultimately you will end up hypothyroid.

I hope you get an appointment with someone soon.

Carolyn x

OK - need to weigh in here...3 questions

Is this your first child?

Secondly - to be really clear - were you hypothyroid before you got pregnant?

Thirdly have you had an antibody panel done - is your hypothyroidism autoimmune or not?

These are important questions because - as CarolynB mentions - hypothyroidism can be triggered by hormonal fluctuations. But other things can affect your thyroid hormone levels like liver dysfunction.

CarolynB is right. You need to see a specialist ASAP because either way you need the proper medication. But I'd urge you to dig a bit deeper than just looking at your thyroid.

I was diagnosed post-partum in the US and had my second child on thyroxine.

Ironically - hence my questions - this may not be a simple case of hypothyroidism. I now - 11 years later - know my thyroid wasn't the first thing to go. Enough about me.

Where are you based? I know a couple of docs who specialise in this area - pregnancy and thyroid.

You can inbox me if you like.

Good luck (and congratulations on the pregnancy!)


this is my first child.

back in 2010 I was subclinical tsh 14 which after a month it went back to normal.(my vit d was extremely low but gt that back to normal,may be something to do with that). just recently I was getting symptoms,got checked and tsh was 24 t4 was 10. looking back I was 3 weeks pregnant butdidn't know. im hoping to see an endo next week to whch I was going to ask these questions. im based in northwest uk.

thank you very much

hello there...please stay in touch and let me know how it goes with the endo. I have some contacts that may be able to help if you have no luck there. suspect you'll end up on thyroxine which is crucial given you're pregnant and your results. good luck kx

I agree absolutely with Carolyn and would go so far as to say your GP is being extremely negligent. Can he not phone the local endo to ask his advice if he is not willing to take responsibility for your treatment himself?

Failing that I would certainly pay to see an endo pronto! Phone around to see if you can get an early appointment with one on the TUK list. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/diagno...

Jane x

I would not wait for your GP who seems negligent to me if you have such a high TSH.

I would definitely go private even for the initial consultation.

Let's know how you get on.

Not much more I can add except that I believe you will need more Levo in first weeks of pregnancy so do get help immediately.

I can't add much either and totally agree with the excellent advice above, especially re seeing someone quickly.

Do you have any hypo symptoms?

Clare xx

Well 3weeks ago I was sure I was having symptoms, tired, depressed,down,fat,constipated. Hence why I got the test done. I don't feel any symptoms now apart from maybe tired and down...but that could be the pregnancy or stress of this. I'm going to call tmrw and speak to the other dr at the surgery tmrw and be very clear. I'm new to this surgery as I've moved towns and I hate it. They mainly operate via phone appointments (easy to fob off)

I've just been so stressed all day and so frustrated. Thanks guys, I am definately not going to leave it at that

Good. Hope you get some satisfaction. Get him to phone the endo to get some advice. During pregnancy your requirement for thyroid replacement can increase by 50%. Show him this page. gpnotebook.com/simplepage.c... It is the website GP's use themselves. Jane x x

I cant believe you werent put on thyroxine after the first results! Your doctor obviously doesnt know what he is doing...you do need treatment, esp in the first 12 weeks as the baby takes your thyroid hormones until his/hers is formed at 12 weeks.

So glad your talking to them tomorrow, please insist on treatment pronto xx

Ok thanks for that. Do you think the gp could prescribe me something or will it be something the endo would have to do?

Your GP should prescribe but he clearly doesn't know what he is doing. Perhaps talking to a different GP at the practice might be better.

With test results like that and in view of your pregnancy the GP can definitely prescribe. I don't know what's stopping him. It makes no sense. Jane x

I know. My last doctors, my results were tsh 5.05 and ft4 12 and even then they were considering treatment. This one has fobbed me off and it's just made me so angry at him

If your previous doctor wanted to treat, it sounds like you definitely need treatment. Are you stuck with this particular surgery or can you move if none of the other doctors there are helpful?

iv just moved and just changed to my.husbands surgery. their regular dr has been off for months. but I will be checking with the other gp who is a lady dr. if not im going to change or go back to old surgery near my mums

I hope it goes well. You just need to see someone as soon as you can.

All the best

Carolyn x

yes your gp can and should prescribe thyroxine immediately. Im under my gps care, i was diagnosed postpartum and my first question to my doc was what happens if we want another baby, she said my mefication would be increased as soon as i found out i was pregnant. But dont worry, you will hopefully be on treatment in the next day or two.

Let us know how you get on x

Yes I will thanks. After speaking to gp tomorrow I am going to decide on whether I should go private or not. And take it from there. X

Just a little tip (as you're new to the forum you may not have noticed) if you click on the 'Reply to this' button on someone's comment it will appear indented, like this one, and the person who you are replying to will get an email notification so they will know you have responded to them :)

Carolyn x

I don't think you have said where you are, but is it possible that your local obstetrics department has a helpline?

This is the page for one such department/helpline:


You are being let down by what is currently happening. Unfortunately, it ends up in your court to try to get the help you clearly need.


I know,its just everythng is happening at once,change of gp,hypo,pregnant. but I am making sure im on top of it.

based around the north west

I think the way you have asked your question and dealt with responses is exemplary.

You are doing very well. :-)


Thank you:)

Have a look on a website called hypothyroid mom theres some good advice on thyroid and pregnancy there.

And im sending you a big hug! X

Thanks, muchly needed!

So I spoke to the lady dr this morning and she was definitely more helpful. She has put me on 25mcg to begin with and blood test in 6 weeks. I questioned whether the dose was high enough and she said its because I have never been on Levo before so she wanted to start gradual.

I'm hoping in the meantime I get an endo appointment and I can speak to someone more specialised as these gp doctors have lost my trust

Maybe you should be tested sooner than 6 weeks as it is in the first trimester that it is so important that the baby gets enough thyroxine. Best wishes and congratulations on your pregnancy.

Yea I was thinking in 3/4weeks time I will call n ask for a blood test myself. That's if i have not seen an endo by then. Thanks:)

If you could afford the £200, it may well be worth you going privately, but could you ring the endo department in your local NHS hospital. Find out the name of the secretary and tell them what you have told us. It may well get you an urgent appointment. I noted that you said the GP has put that the Endo appointment is urgent so hopefully you will get the appointment fairly quickly, but please ring and speak to someone at the hospital.

I really can't understand why the GP is so reluctant to treat you. This is really awful. Please go back to your GP or another one in your practice.

NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries state, "Check TSH and FT4 levels every 4 weeks until stabilized aiming for a TSH concentration in the low-normal range (0.4 - 2.0 mU/L).


The TSH levels are on the bottom of this page. You could print it out and take it to your GP (or another one in the practice).

Im glad you have stated medication, agree you need a retest sooner than 6 weeks tho. X

T4 is usually increased by 50mcg during pregnancy to avoid developmental problems to the foetus, increased risk of miscarriage and post-partum thyroiditis in the mother as the foetus depletes mother's store of T4.

Your GP should up your dose immediately to bring your TSH in range while he refers you to an endo as a matter of urgency.

Print off the link below and related links within for your GP:


why r my doctors so incompetant:(

I rang for private at nhs hospital and the don't do it. asked a few private hospitals and appointments r next week. im going to call dr again tomorrow and say im still concerned. I know myself that for anyone starting dose of levo is 50mcg-100mcg. I will up it myself if I have to. just because thrre is a baby involved I didnt want to do anything wrong

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