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Over medicated?

Hi I've just had bloods results TSH 0.05, T4 21 and T3 5.5, my T3 has never been higher than 4.9 in 3 years! . Consultant said I should lower thyroxine. I feel ok, had a bit of insomnia last week and have lost a couple of pounds (I don't need to be losing any weight!) I just hope I don't end up feeling really fatigued, however I think the fatigue is down to something else, most likely B12 as levels were 395 but consultant didn't prescribe anything even when I mentioned it. He has prescribe vit d maintenance dose 800 iu. I already take 5000 solgar vit D! I suffer with anxiety too, I'm debating on trying an anxiety med, consultant suggested propronalol, anyone had experience of anxiety meds?

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Before trying anxiety meds, see if you do feel better on a slightly reduced dose of thyroxine. If you feel worse, put it back up again.

It would also be a good idea to check your iron and ferritin levels as that could be contributing. It would be a good idea to supplement with B12. Methylcobalamin is the best sort. I started off with 5000mcg and now take 1000mcg.

Do you know the reason for your anxiety? Is it something that can be worked through with a psychologist or counsellor? I don't have personal experience of propanolol because I used to suffer with quite marked bradycardia so it was contraindicated. The bradycardia is sorted out now my thyroid is properly medicated though :)

I hope you feel better soon.

Carolyn x


I should mention that I no longer suffer with anxiety now my thyroid is better treated, except for anxiety about certain things. This is not something I would personally treat with medication as they are psychological things. Talking therapy or CBT would be a better option for me for those particular issues unless I am able to work through them myself :)


Once you start taking a beta-blocker such as propranolol it is difficult to stop and has to be done under medical supervision.

If a person is hypothyroid there can be a tendency to have low blood pressure and, like CarolynB, a slow heart rate, and that is a very strong contra-indication for beta blockers.

Anxiety is a very common symptoms of low thyroid levels as well as high levels, but without the ranges it would be difficult to say if you were over-medicated or not. The figure from my lab would not be over the top of the range, in fact it would be a little below optimal.

Feelings of anxiety can also be attributed to low iron/ferritin so it could be helpful to get a gentle iron supplement such as Spatone and try taking that with your main meal each day.

I understand only too well that when you are constantly anxious it can be tempting to go for a quick fix, but it can sometimes create even more problems.

Marie XX


Beta blockers are contra - indicated for thyroid sufferers, once you start on them you will usually not be allowed to stop!! DO NOT take anti - depressants of any description, they can block the thyroxine from working properly. How do you feel? DO NOT be judged by blood tests, at best they are innaccurate and at worst positively dangerous!!


If you need a Beta Blocker for the heart, essential to take it. it only alters the thyroid test not the treatment. So should only be taken in the morning after you have had the test.



Hi Make sure the other tests all OK., especially Diabetes.The T4 does sound, may be the T3 too., but you need all the ranges, phone his sec and ask for them. hypo symptoms can be the same as hyper., sometimes.

if you decide to lower the meds retest after 6 weeks, TSH, T4 and FT3.

There is a drug for anxiety that is not for depression, it does not effect the thyroid. However, personally , I would say all down to being slightly over treated, Fine line.

Best wishes,



Where I live the ranges for FT4 and FT3 are 9-26 and 2.8-7 respectively, so discounting your TSH which may be unreliable anyway, you wouldn’t look over-medicated here.


Thanks everyone, I think my anxiety has stemed from something that is causing me to physically have episodes of fainting. I have since become anxious about it so could possibly bring an episode of feeling faint on but at the same time the fainting feeling that came over me twice in supermarkets and at work car park was more physical I felt light headed and weak from waking and slight exertion brought it on started with sick feeling and then the tingling and pressure in back of neck. I have been on iron and got it up to 13. My ferritin is low but I got it up from 17 to 39 so I still need to get that up. My b12 is just under 400 but I now take b12. My blood pressure is 122/79 at present. My battle with what is part anxiety has been going on since April this year so it's been a while.


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