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Can someone please advise how to test for adrenal function? I am trying to discover why the levo I've taken for 21 years no longer does it's job, and want to check out the possibility of adrenal fatigue. I have just ordered a blue horizon thyroid 11 test so will soon have a base to work from. I will post the results when I have them.

Migraines and vertigo sx's recently posted are reduced, (seasonal problem lasting approx 3 months) and only background. What has surprised me is the chronic and severe fatigue remains. (Normally the tiredness is connected with the vestibular migraine episodes). Many additional sx's suggest hypo clearly.

Any help appreciated. Very new to this site and amazed by the clear and sound guidance and the helpful responses. It's still all overwhelming information for me but at least I now know what questions to ask and am on the journey!

Thank  you

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  • The best test is the 24 hour cortisol saliva test. But I would wait and see what your thyroid results are before jumping in. Its not uncommon for levo to lose its effectiveness, sadly.

  • Thank you Ruthi. I will wait for the results first, just in readiness if needed. I didn't realise it was a common picture. 

  • Ruthi that reminds me of a conversation I had with an endo over 15 years ago when I had gone severely downhill. I mentioned about being on thyroxine for over 25 years and it didn't seem to be working. His reply was "THYROXINE DOES NOT STOP WORKING" - yes, he was virtually shouting.

    Lindsay1995  Genova do the 24 hour saliva cortisol test, you should be able to find the details on ThyroidUK's main site under Private Testing I think.

  • It's strange,  isn't it,  that patients report a return of symptoms? 

    Lindsay1995 maybe I should have said,  patients often report a return of symptoms,  and a proper examination and testing usually reveals why! 

  • Many thanks for this Seaside Susie..interesting response from endo..will check out cortisol test too, I sense this is where the problem could be.

  • Lindsay,

    Saliva Stress Test (test ref END01)

    Four saliva tests that measure the available "active" cortisol (& DHEA) secreted at set times over a 24 hours period. The results will allow you to see any imbalances in the daily circadian pattern so enabling use of correcting supplements to aid your adrenal health. Unfortunately this test is not generally used or recognised by GP's.

    The cost is £77.00 which is a discounted price for ThyroidUK when code A42AQ is used.

  • Brilliant. Thank you.🙂

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