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FT3 Testing

At an appointment with my Endo on Wednesday of this week I asked why there was no FT3 result on my blood test although it had been requested along with FT4 and TSH on the form. She told me that they are no longer testing FT3 because it has been deemed to be an inaccurate test and therefore pointless.

I'm assuming that the "they" is my local health authority.

Has anyone else heard this from their hospital Endo/GP ?

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As very few Docs and Endos understand the importance of T3 - they can easily disregard the Test. Also cost comes into it. Maybe you need to remind her that most tests can be inaccurate - as they are simply a snapshot at that particular moment in time. Many things can effect the outcome.

You could have it done privately through Thyroid UK - with Blue Horizon.


Thanks for that Marz. I have to add that up until now all blood tests requested by the Endo at hospital have included FT3 and have always been done. My local GP Medical Centre have only ever tested TSH and FT4.

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I think it is a cost cutting measure. My NHS endos request TSH, FT4 and FT3. The only time the hospital lab declined to test FT3 was when TSH wasn't suppressed.


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