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Private or NHS

I have finally been referred to an endocrinologist that I think might help me. My GP has always resisted but I think he's decided I need help; I take T3 only and he doesn't want to get involved.

I have received the date to see him but in a major hospital where I guess I wont get to see the main man but some of his assistants. I have quite a long story and worried that it wont get passed across correctly.

I could pay to see the same man privately where I know I will only see him and be given some time. I should point out that I don't want to come across annoying with my details but it certainly needs longer than a normal NHS appointment.

Am I likely to annoy my GP by then cancelling the appt and choosing a private one? Also Im hoping that once I see him, I shall get the chance to ask to be referred over to NHS. I really really want to be monitored properly with what Im doing especially as I don't seem to be converting T4 or T3 properly and even wonder if there are pituitary issues, auto immune issues (there are but I had to find that out for myself).

I also wonder if the endo does a letter to the GP then the GP will feel better able to monitor me. I think there's some kind of letter I can get for the meds I need on the NHS, not necessarily T3, maybe T3 mixed with T4?

Advice please. My NHS appt is next week and the private one is in a months time.

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As the NHS appointment is next week why not see whether you get to see the endo you want. If not, you can book a private appt. with him.

I'm not sure how long NHS endo appointments are. I've never been rushed and some consultations ran 45 mins but now I'm well I'm in and out in 10 minutes. Waiting times, not surprisingly, are quite long as appointments run over. My GP is sent a letter (I'm copied) reviewing the consultation and any dose adjustments.

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I think Clutter has given good advice, i.e. have your consultation. Mine was initially done by the Head of the department and then I was passed to another in his department for follow-ups.


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