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Self medicate or see private GP???

Hi All,

I have been doing some research into finding a private GP to help with my thyroid issue. Basically I want some T3. T4 is just not doing it anymore for me( on T4 for 12 years). GP not willing to prescribe T3. But what concerns me about going private is that from what I have read some private GP'S wont prescribe it either. Part of me thinks to get blood tests done via a lab like Blue Horizon and then just take the T3 accordingly. Do people successfully self medicate??? Thanks guys.

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No point wasting money on private gp

So long as you carefully follow the rules on self medicating thats the best way fwd

You know how you feel a blood test foes not


Many people successfully self-medicate with T3. One of them is me :)


Are you going to add some t3 to your levo or are you planning to stop levo entirely and use t3? In my experience the former is relatively simple, the latter can be a little more complicated.

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Hi Puncturedbicycle

Thanks for your reply.

I plan to combine T3 and T4. I am ordering some T3 online. Cant wait to get my hands on it !☺




You will need blood test to include B12, Vit D, folate and ferratin, as well as both thyroid antibodies, ft3, ft4 and TSH, so that you know what's happening.

As you say, many of us use blue horizon to do this. Very easy finger prick test at home is cheapest option. Test should be early morning, fasting and no thyroid medication in 24 hours before hand. Take the delayed Levo dose straight after


Self medicating is much cheaper!


Thank you for all your replies. You have no idea how valuable your responses have been. ☺


I buy my own T3, and get my levothyroxine on prescription (NHS). My GP knows that I am doing this, because I want it written on my medical notes. He acknowledges that I need the T3, but is unable to prescribe it (cost). I pay for my own private blood tests with Blue Horizon, as the NHS will rarely test for anything other than the TSH. I have yet to tell my endocrinologist, who told me that there was no evidence that T3 works. I will tell her at my next appointment though.

It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to take T3, I still had this idea that I would somehow do untold damage to myself. I did ask my GP about it, and he said that - if taking it made me feel ill - it would be out of my system within a few hours, so it was worth trying.

My T3 test has only just been in range for a long time, and I felt so unwell that I felt I had nothing left to lose. I didn't know that low T3 could make you feel ill, I always thought it was just having a raised TSH. I am pleased to say that, with a few blips, it is the best thing I have ever done. I know that it doesn't work for everyone.


Hello BeansMummy

Thanks for your reply! V similiar to myself. I will be getting my T4 from GP and buying my own T3. My GP has referred me to endo as my TSH reached 61. However my appnt is not till August and from my GPs opinion and the Medical Registrar at my local hospital ,they wont hand out the T3 that easily. I feel so much anxiety and lack of energy that I dont think I can wait till then and then being told you cant have T3! Ive been told in mean time to increase my T4. Thats why I have decided to take T3 myself. I also dont have much to lose as quality of life is poor with the various symptoms. Wish me luck!


Oh, good luck :) I was always waiting for one appointment or another for various health problems, always hopeful that each one would be the one where I achieved something, but I rarely did. It wasn't until I started looking after myself properly and stopped relying on doctors that I really improved (T3 and private nutritionist).

At the end of the day, if you don't get on with taking T3, then you just stop taking it. I'm impressed with your TSH level!


Thank you Beans Mummy! Yeah my gp nearly fell of his chair when he saw my TSH level at 61! He checked with the hospital and they said as long as I was not vomiting or didnt have loose motions then it was ok but to increase my T4.

I dont have faith in them to be honest and I know I will need to self medicate.I can only try.

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