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TSH Level is this low and hyperthroydism

please can you tell me if my TSH level at 1.03 is okay I have a nodular in throat is this hyperthyroidism and should I be worried I have coeliac and on gluten free diet. I have heat coming out of hands face feet turns pink. and sweat to much like water and I get tired and sleep in day. I have had a vibrating type feeling come from in body and a tremor also heart palpilations.

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With just a TSH level to go on it is difficult to say anything about anything. But if it helps, your level is completely normal for someone who has a healthy thyroid.

Without any other numbers such as Free T3 and Free T4, and thyroid antibodies, it is impossible to say definitely whether your thyroid is "normal" though.

The fact you have a nodule might mean something or it might not. I don't know anything about thyroid nodules.

Given that you suffer from Coeliac Disease the chances are high that you have low levels of some essential vitamins and minerals. For thyroid health some of the most important are ferritin/iron, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and folate.

To be honest your symptoms sound more like an adrenal problem to me rather than a thyroid problem. I had symptoms that sound suspiciously like yours for many years and I have found with saliva testing that I have (or had) high cortisol levels. (I haven't tested recently, so I don't know if it is history or not.) Cortisol is produced by a part of the adrenal glands.

But cortisol is a sneaky thing. Both low and high cortisol can give symptoms which are similar. It isn't possible to guess which one you have with any certainty, it is essential to test before attempting any form of treatment, and the best form of testing is saliva testing. Unfortunately many doctors disagree and insist on doing a blood test, either first thing in the morning, or occasionally a "random" cortisol test which probably tells them nothing of any interest, but they feel better about having done it.

I notice you have actually left the forum since writing your post (your username is hidden), so I might be posting to thin air. Good luck, whatever you do.


Im sure you advice will be of use to someone :)

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