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TSH level - is this good?

I was diagnosed as hypo in June 2009 –

TSH was 9.91 (range 0.35 – 4.5) and

Free T4 11.2 pmol/L (range 11 - 24)

My levels have gone up and down over the last three years with my last two being

0.313 TSH and 20.8 Free T4 in May

0.195 TSH and 20.2 Free T4 in June

Is this a good place in the relevant ranges to be in? My hair still falls out by the handful although being very thick it doesnt show as thinning. My skin is very dry and I quite often get so tired in the afternoon that if I sit down I will fall asleep :(

I am not sure if the T4 should be at the top end of the range or not

Thanks in advance :)

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Yes, the T4 should be at the top end of the range. If you are still experiencing symptoms it may be to do with your T3, have you had it checked?


Getting better takes a long time, even when the readings are 'good' we still may not feel well. My Doc says that really we should know how much thyroxine is getting into the tissues instead f into the bloodstream.


Brilliant! You obviously have a good doctor. You can have great levels in the blood stream but if you aren't getting enough into the cells it means nothing.

Very pleased to hear you have a good doctor :)

Carolyn x


Hair loss can also be a symptom of low iron. If your ferritin (stored iron) is below 70 you would probably benefit from supplementing with iron, vitamin C, a good B vitamin complex that includes vitamin B2, and a separate B12 supplement in the form methylcobalamin. Some people also find biotin (another B vitamin) helps with hair, skin and nails.

I hope that helps

Carolyn x


?????? yes good doctor but I do have my own issues that we can't seem to solve. We are all different


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