Thyroid results, can anyone help?

I recently had a full thyroid panel done via Geneova Diagnositics. Results are as follows

TSH 0.99 (range 0.40 - 4.00)

T4 110 (range 58 - 161)

FT4 17.2 (range 11.5 -22.7)

FT3 5.5 (range 2.8 - 6.5)

Reverse T3 0.47 (range 0.14 - 0.54)

FT4 : FT3 ratio 3.1 (range 2.00 - 4.5)

can anybody please shed some light on what the reverse T3 being at the upper end of the range may mean?

Btw I hold all symptoms of an underactive thyroid, that's why I was surprised at these results. In the past my FT4 has been lower a 13/14

No antibodies detected either

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  • Did your test include results for any vitamins and minerals? If it did could you post those too.

  • No I didn't get those tested. I do have Low B12 and folate though those levels are okay at the moment. Also vitamin d okay and as far as I know so is my iron. Just a bt puzzled 😕

  • T3 is the active thyroid hormone which controls the metabolism and therefore the symptoms. Your Free T3 is not far from the top of the normal range so you should not have hypothyroid symptoms.

    As you are still having hypo symptoms one possible cause is Impaired Sensitivity to Thyroid Hormone (more often known as Thyroid Hormone Resistance). It is genetic and requires very high T3 levels in the body to overcome the resistance. If there are other family members with fibromyalgia, CFS, ME, Coeliac Disease, MS, Heart Disease, thyroid or depression this would further support this.

  • Yes I am. I have all classic symptoms of hypo. I have been diagnosed with Fibro/cfs in the past, but currently im being investigated for Addison's disease (will get results nex week) but I'm also going to be doing an adrenal function saliva test along with a T4/T3 urine test. If I did have a resistance issue what would the treatment be? Would it be T3 only or T4 instead/aswell? The above test was done via Genova diagnostics and the only comment they said regarding my results is that the T4 ideally should be in upper third of range.

  • The symptoms of thyroid hormone resistance are the same as hypo, which are also the same as for Fibro/cfs. Addisons is also similar.

    The treatment for thyroid hormone resistance is a single daily dose of T3. Doctors and even Genova do not seem to be aware of the condition. T4 is not an active hormone so getting it in the upper third of the range will not change the symptoms.

    I will send you a personal message with some more info.

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