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Vitamins & Minerals

Following advice from Thyroid UK and using The Thyroid Solution book by Dr Ridha Arem, I started using Zinc-15mg/B12-1000mcg/Coenzyme Q10-30mg, all daily, and Selenium-200mcg/Magnesium-375mg every other day. I also switched taking thyroxine to bedtime last September. I feel full of energy, full of optimism and am starting to lose weight, in short, feeling like I did 13 years ago! My Doctor and I agreed to drop off the extra 25mcg of Thyroxine I used to take every other day at my annual review last week. Coincidence, placebo effect - I think not!

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are you under active/Hashi's?


Hi Jefner, I'm under active and am taking 100mcg Thyroxine. I never felt the Thyroxine was doing its job properly until I started taking the vits and mins! If you can get hold of the book I mentioned, please do.

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I take lots of supps although not the q10


The Q10 has been a revelation. I only take one tablet and the pack, from Healthspan, says to take one to four daily. Think I'd be like the Duracell bunny on four a day! Q10 is referred to as a spark plug 😊


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