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Please help with lab results


Can anyone help with those lab results. I have a lot of hypo symptoms yet quite high ft3. Any idea what might be happening? Did you experienced something similar ? Dr's hesitant to treatment because of ft3 results. Thank You!

My lab results from 2016:

Tsh 4,1 (ref. 0,2-4,0)

Ft3 5,2 (ref.3,5-6,5)

Ft4 16,9 (ref. 11-23)

and then after 2 months

Tsh 4,3 (0,2-4,0)

Ft3 5,6 ( 3,5-6,5)

Ft4 15,3 ( 11-23)

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High TSH is stimulating production and conversion of T3. Are you taking thyroid replacement?


Thank You for answering.

I persuaded the dr to prescribe erfa 30mg and levoxine 25mg but he only allowed me to take half of each. Think it's too little even for a start dose. No negative effects so far but it has only been 3 days on thins dose. The dr I go to has a wide knowledge on thyroid imbalances. It surprises me he didn't catch the tsh-t3 connection.I'm thinking of trying 30mg of erfa and 25mg Levo instead after some time. Next dr appointment is in 2 months.

I do not have antibodies.



30mg Erfa and 25mcg Levothyroxine combined are a very low dose. I'd take the 30mg + 25mcg which should bring TSH down to 1.0 or lower and raise your FT4. The blood test in 2 months will determine whether the dose is correct and can be adjusted if necessary. Arrange the blood draw early in the morning and fast (water only) as TSH is highest early and drops after eating and drinking. Take Erfa and Levothyroxine after your blood draw.


Thank You! I will do so. Let's hope the dr won't throw me out of the office for increasing. Didn't know about not eating before tests so I had a banana before the last test.


Thanks . I need to research that. The strange this is that two days before taking the last tests I took a private test in a different lab and the results were fifferent as well. Ft3 was 2,4 (2-4,4)was low and TSH at 376 (0,2-4,3). Strange that there is such a variation in results. I wasn't taking any medication then. I assumed this test must have gone wrong.


Hi again!

Ever more confused now, after being on Erfa 60 mg for 12 weeks and feeling better than before treatment I took blood tests and called my dr today.


Ft3 4,3 (3,5-6,5) when before it was 5,6

Ft4 11,5 (11-23) when before it was 15,3

Tsh 1,6 ( 0,2-4) where before it was 4,3

Dr suspect there is another issue that causes thyroid like symptoms doesn't want me to take more Erfa than I take now and actually suggests to cut to 45mg. I don't get it, why does the Tsh goes down when ft4 is lower than before. Any tips? Dr testing my estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and binding hormone (don't remember the name) now suspecting something there might have a negative impact on thyroid. Feel so confused now, don't know if I should continue or find a new doctor. Thanks!


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