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How did you introduce your T3?

You won't believe this but my GP has finally given me some T3 Liothyronine 20mcg despite my private Endo saying "repeat biochemical tests as performed via NHS did not confirm low FT3 (measures on 3 separate occasions); and that previously reported marginally lower T3 levels as measured by Blue Horizon were likely stress related and in line with diagnosis) ie. severe anxiety and depression".

Been on an increased Levo dose of 125mcg now for 2 weeks as last test results early this month showed I was undermedicating. I also now take my Levo at bedtime. Also take 2mg Diazepam a couple of times a day and also 20-40mg beta blockers (which I have since found out interfere with T4-T3. Also have a high rt3!

TSH 15.70 (0.27-4.20)

FT4 14.77 (12-22)

FT3 2.41 (3.1-6.8)

End April results

TSH 2.55

FT4 20.68

FT3 2.84

I have extremely high cortisol levels in the morning and part of the day, plus I have severe anxiety and depression.

Clutter and a couple of others have advised me how to start my T3 ie. 5mcg with my Levo.

I am looking for other member's points of view who are in a similiar situation as me and how they started taking their T3 (see my profile)

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Well done Jefner !!

I reduced my Levo by 25mcg for one month. For the last 2 weeks I kept a record of my temperature first thing in the am, and also my blood pressure and pulse.

Then I started with one dose of one quarter of T3 i.e. 6.25 mcg which i took in the am. Looking at your results you probably wouldn't need to take less Levo.

I stuck on that dose for 2 weeks, then when there was no change in my readings, I added a further 6.25mcg T3. It seemed too much so I have split the doses and have my 2nd dose at around 6pm which seems fine.

I am about to increase the dose again by 6.25mcg, but not sure when to add it!

As soon as I started taking it I noticed the difference (for the better) although I don't feel I am there yet.

Good luck!! 😊😊

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thank you Musicmonkey, Clutter advised me to start very low for a week or so and to keep my Levo at 125mcg as my TSH has shot up. Clutter recommends that I take the T3 with my T4.

What improvements did you notice when you first started taking it?

I obviously need to buy a blood pressure gadget?

How do you decide when to take your second t3 dose?


Well as 12.5mcg seemed too much (may have all been in my head and I was going through a stressful time) but i was aware of my heart and felt palpitations. I was also perhaps extra wary because I have a heart murmur (trivial one).

I tried first of all taking the additional 6.25mcg T3 all at once (12.5mcg altogether) with my Levo. Then I tried 3pm so as to be 2hrs after lunch and at least 1hr before dinner, but still had palps so went to 6pm and all good.

I have responded well as I feel that I am happier. I have found my sense of humour returning. My nails are stronger and I have been less tired.


did you have any palps or symptoms when you first started taking it?


Yes slightly, but these are now very infrequent now that I have settled on the 12.5 split dose.



I reduced Levo from 125mcg to 75mcg on introduction of T3. (This proved too much and was later raised back to 75/100mcg alternate days.)

I introduced 5 mcg taken with my Levo first thing in the am. I experienced a headache and inner heat for three days. Other members have also complained of these symptoms.

After one week I introduced another 5 mcg about 3pm. After another week, another 5 mcg first thing in the morning and another week, another 5 mcg at 3pm.

Therefore, I medicate 20 mcg T3 daily overall, that was introduced over four weeks. Endo has since split doses into three (6.30am, 12pm and 5pm) to reduce the rapidity of onset and prolong the duration of its action even further.

Soon after starting T3 last June, I suddenly found my moods volatile and emotions heightened. I was either very happy, almost manic at times or very sad and crying for long periods. Eventually I recognised I was experiencing my first ever full blown depression as the happy times reduced and I was miserable for months with no motivation.

Before Christmas a private comprehensive sex hormones test revealed I was seriously lacking both O & P with elevated testosterone and in Feb this year (after much investigation) I started (bio-identical) HRT that replaced missing hormones and improved moods no end.

I guess I am trying to say that starting T3 changed my moods dramatically and revealed a sex hormone deficiency I didn't know I even had. Now my health (& moods) are better and go from strength to strength.

As all endocrine hormones work together in synergy, you may find your high cortisol levels naturally rectify. My cortisol levels are now balanced and high BP reduced. T4 palpatations that I had suffered for over four years stopped the day after starting T3. Sleep has been difficult but improved after starting HRT.

Good luck.


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