Changing from NDT to Eltroxin

Does anyone know how to go from NDT to Eltroxin. My cardiologist isnt happy for me to be on NDT as my TSH is supressed and he thinks that can be triggering my A Fibs which currently I get twice a week. I am on the list for an ablation but it will probably be a year. I will change for that year and depending on how I feel can then go back on NDT, but I need to know how to do it as he doesnt. Thanks

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  • Gwelos,

    How much NDT are you taking?

    Has cardiologist said why he thinks NDT is triggering AF? If FT3 is within range there's no reason why NDT should be triggering AF.

  • He says it's my suppressed TSH and he doesn't know anything about NDT and doesn't want to. He is the only person in my area so I'm kinda stuck with him until I have my ablation. It is an EP who is doing that but he is quite a distance from me and it's not feasible for me to see him regularly

  • Gwelos,

    The Rotterdam Study finds no association between TSH and atrial fibrillation.

    You can get full patient access to study by emailing the endocrine society.

    Reducing dose should make your TSH rise. If you still want to switch to Eltroxin tell me how much NDT you are taking and I'll estimate the amount of Eltroxin you will need.

  • I take 2.5 grains 4 days a week and 3grains 3 days a week but I have a feeling it's too much, so I'll stay on the 2.5 for the moment, thanks for that info re TSH

  • It could be the levo (eltroxin) which is causing your heart to go a bit haywire (I am not medically qualified) but on levo I was forever in and out of the Accident and Emergency as my heart would go off several times a day (particular early a.m.) and pulse was over 140 at times.

    Now that I am on T3 only (liothyronine) for quite some time now I haven't had any problems at all with my heart (and the Cardiology Dept were at a loss previously to know what was causing palps). Best of all I feel very good indeed with normal health an a calm heart and not giving my husband palps when trying to deal with my previous distress).

    Some of us cannot convert levothyroxine properly or our body just doesn't like it. NDT being 'natural', i.e. not synthetic might do the trick for you. So if you were on 100 mcg of Eltroxin it would be 1 gr of NDT which be about equal (in effect - some might find it around 75mcg levo and other 100mcg )-it depends. It is easy just to switch from Eltroxin one day and take NDT the next. You might want a slightly lower dose to begin with but am sure you will feel much better.

    Always, for a while, take note of your pulse and temp as they can be good indicators of how it is working, i.e. too fast or high, lower dose.

    For info (maybe cardiologist would be interested especially if you feel much better). Despite 3 yearly reminders before his death for a response, there wasn't even the courtesy given to the extensive research Dr L did.

  • Hi Shaws, I'm on 2.75 of NDT and want to go on eltroxin... To see if that helps, so it's the changing over to that I was wondering about, thanks for your informative replying.

  • Just do the same in reverse.

  • Not sure what that means?

  • Gwelos,

    2.75 grains is roughly equivalent to 180mcg Eltroxin. Anything over 145mcg is known to be a TSH suppressive dose and some people have suppressed TSH on 75mcg.

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