"Many Over-the-Counter Thyroid Support Supplements Contain Thyroid Hormone"

Just saw this posted by Mary Shomon - can't access the actual article which is from 'Thyroid' the journal of the American Thyroid Association. This doesn't say exactly what was tested. I assume they are all products on sale in America but still food for thought - I know it's been debated on here a few times.


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  • Thanks for posting this - it reflects my experiences with OTC thyroid supplements. It would be interesting to see the actual article, if it ever becomes available.

  • You can buy a thyroid glandular at iherb, I haven't tried it but it seems like it might be useful.

  • I was surprised at this news.

    One- that there was actually anything therapeutic in so many herbals for thyroid and two- that it is allowed in the present climate of restrictions.

    I left a comment on the article, anyhow- to say it was dangerous practice to use hormones like this.

  • Been over to have a look, and yes, it is a bit worrying that the ingredients do not reflect the actual contents. If you had an allergy, it could be dodgy.

    But remember that in Greece, for example, anyone can go to the chemist and just buy what they want - so the potential for harm is actually much greater.

    I would have left acomment too, but did not know how to find my Url!



  • You don't need a Url, Jenni - that's an option if you want to put one in.

  • I know (or think I know) at least one that contains hormones. That's why it works! I was hoping the FTC would keep clear. It would be sad if these products became unavailable or prescription only.

  • I agree Rose- but many people don't have access to a good site like this, for support and advice.

    I'd rather thyroid problems as a whole were better addressed, as we know!

  • Indeed. But unless or until they are better addressed, or pigs start flying around cloud cuckoo land, I like to be able to purchase what I need.

  • Hi Rose - can you let me know what the name of the product is and where I can obtain it.

  • I sent you a private message.

  • Rose - thank you for the info - this has been recommended to me and I asked my gp about it - he said I needed nothing other than thyroxine but doesn't seem to understand that I am not functioning well - I am going to go ahead and purchase this, which I can get locally - the way I see it is we need to help ourselves as much as we can - once again thank you for your reply

  • Hi rose could you message me the name of this product please. Thanks

  • Dear Rose,

    Please also message me the name of the product?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Yes, I bought one of these 'herbal' thyroid supplements about a month ago. More or less by accident. And because none of the medication I've been ordering online from Amazon was, suddenly, available when I need new supplies. The people selling it didn't know what amount of active ingredient (raw thryoid) each capsule contained. The RDD was I capsule, which was nowhere near enough for my needs. 3 seemed to do the trick. I have no idea what these supplements can possibly be sold as a supplement *for*. I certainly wouldn't buy it again (I think it was IHerb - but will check that) and shall be putting up a review to this effect on Amazon when I've got my facts straight. If it's still listed by Amazon by that time. Amazon are withdrawing useful meds on a regular basis recently.

  • Can i ask what medications for thyroid u can buy from Amazon?Also,does anyone know if i can order NDT from greece over the internet?Thanks

  • Oh ,and just to say that i had considered ordering the raw thyroid glandular from iherb before as the reviews for it were v good.

  • Bovine or porcine?

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