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Over Active Thyroid

I got diagnosed 4 weeks ago, the symptoms are horrendous, my anxiety levels are through the roof, my gp/nurse don't seem to be bothered and have told me to wait and be patient with the meds to kick in.

I seem to be ok during the day, it's at night where I feel as if I'm losing the plot, tonight im really struggling and i don't know what to do.

Any advice/support greatlyappreciated, based in Scotland

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I'm another one who thought they were going crazy. I felt terrified going into shops and had to get in and out as quick as I could, throwing things into my basket, bumping into people because I couldn't take the time to be careful and wondering if I'd have to leave without my change as I could hardly bear to wait for it. Shopping for pleasure was a distant memory for a while! I was dizzy, shaky and felt trapped if people tried to have a conversation with me as all I could think about was trying to appear normal, hope they didn't notice my shaky legs and that I'd make it to the end of the conversation without collapsing to the floor (I never actually did this, just constantly felt I would!). It was extreme! The happy news is I felt miles better within just 2 or 3 weeks of treatment. I really did not hold out much hope as I felt so terrible and had thought my symptoms were purely psychiatric and for which there could therefore be no quick cure. It was such a relief to feel the old me return. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Best wishes.


I'm not on any meds yet but get palpitations at night and struggle to go to sleep although I'm yawning away! I was told by an alternative practitioner to lie on my back cross your legs at your ankles cross your arms at wrists then interlinked your fingers, I then do some slow deep breathing I find it really helps, I think it's supposed to help close your adrenal system down, you could always try it during the day?

Best wishes for better health in the future

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I would like to go down the natural route, I will try you advice tonight 😀 thank you


Hang on in there it does get easier although all thyroid conditions have good and not so good days and nights. Initially, I had many of your symptoms and others too, but after a while I did begin to feel a little better. It is almost 6 years now since I was diagnosed with

hyperactive thyroid and my advice to you is to listen to your body and to be kind to yourself.

I found meditation helped to calm me throughout the day and breathing exercises helped me to relax during the night. Slow down and pamper yourself until your medication kicks in.

Try to remember that you are not on your own. Most of us on the site have felt exactly as

you are feeling right now. You are not going crazy either. You just need to give yourself time

for your overactive thyroid to become stable. It won't take forever, although I can remember

that at the time, it does feel like forever to feel half-human again. Sending (((hugs))) now. xx

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