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Mirena coil and Hashimotos

Hey guys. I've read some old posts on here about the effect of the mirena coil and Hashimotos however the earliest conversation was a year ago. I wondered if anyone had any more up to date experience/information on this please. I am a Hashimotos sufferer and have a mirena coil. I have read conflicting stories for the pros and cons of removing it. I am due to see an endo a week Thursday so want to ask their opinion but thought it would be useful if I asked actual sufferers as we are the ones who deal with the daily effects of these things. Thanks in advance :-)

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This is a tough question. I had Mirena for heavy periods and it did stop them. After 2 years I didn't feel great and couldn't work out why. I had it removed to see if that helped. 6 m later I was diagnosed Coeliac. (Hypo for years). Some people seem to blame Mirena for conditions like Hypo and other autoimmune issues they develop but I am not sure if this is true or if it is an unfortunate coincidence. My heavy periods could have been due to lack of iron caused by the start of Coeliac. I'll never know :( I feel better knowing that I don't have artificial hormones in my body


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