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Update on my first appointment with endocrinologist

Okay, I saw an endo for the first time today at my local hospital. Waited 4 months for this day. I went in well prepared, with my graph of blood results, list of symptoms etc. Dr was fine, she listened to everything I had to say, no complaint there. As my TPO was fine and other tests, she ruled out Hashimoto and Lymphoma straight away. She agreed that it my left over lobe might not be working as well as before as it's full of nodules, but she wasn't too sure about prescribing Levo as my TSH has been up and down. On the 2nd of June 2016 TSH was 4.1 and 13th of June 2016 TSH 1.0. She would not agree that the pain I was having was from the nodules. She thinks it's from fibrous tissue from the scar from my previous partial thyroidectomy. I then asked her why would the scar tissues start aching after 7 years. She said it could be that my thyroid is going through some inflammation and every time it inflames, it puts pressure on the fibrous tissue. Being a nurse and having waited for that long for this appt, I wasn't going to just accept this. After a lot of discussion, she agreed on :

1. Referring me for a FNA

2. MRI scan of the neck (to check for fibrous tissue)

3. She gave me 12.5mg Levothyroxine

4. She will also monitor the nodules with ultra sound over a period of time.

5. She is also requesting for a second opinion with another endo who has been working there longer.

Despite explaining to her about my bad side effects with Levo and trying to convince her to add a bit of T3, she wouldn't budge. She said she wouldn't be offended if I find another doctor who would be willing to prescribe T3.

Overall, I am happy with today. The biopsy is my priority for peace of mind and I will give Levo another try. It could be thyroiditis, who knows! Considering that my TSH is fluctuating so much. According to my graph, whenever my TSH is higher, that's when I am in pain and thyroid is inflammed.

So, what do you think? Was this a good appointment or not?

Thanks for your advice and support.

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"On the 2nd of July TSH was 4.1 and 13th of July TSH 1.0." Do you not have up to date results?

I don't think a miniscule dose of 12.5mcg Levothyroxine will be at all helpful. If TSH is fluctuating between 1 and 4, 37.5mcg-50mcg would be appropriate as it would lower TSH and reduce what may be a Hashi response.

TPOab can be negative but thyroglobulin antibodies can be positive for Hashimoto's. Some patients are diagnosed with Hashi's via ultrasound scan even when antibodies are negative. Hashimoto's is the most likely cause of thyroid inflammation.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Sorry blood tests were June 2016. Very recent. Thank you for spotting this, just updated my post. I will give the Levo a try and see how it goes and then up it. Thanks for your advice.


Was that 12.5mcg of levo? As in half a 25mcg tablet??

Think that's a new low.... :)


Hi! Sorry for the delay. Yes, 12.5 mcg of Levo. I have to break the 25 mcg tablet in half. 4 days on it now, so far so good. Fingers crossed it carries on.


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