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So I haven't posted in a while, mainly due to feeling so down and having deadlines etc. Here I have partial results from my blue horizon thyroid test back in March. I sent the remainder of the test back yesterday so should have a completed test by Monday hopefully.

In this time I did go to see a rheumatologist who decided I have fybromyalgia... And even though she sent my blood work and diagnosis back to the GP I still haven't had a full explanation. I even had more blood tests done and had an abnormal result this being a positive test for ANTI NUCLEAR ANTIBODIES. again just been fobbed off and told normal "healthy" people can have a positive result... Even know she knows and I know I feel far from healthy. So yeah not much luck.

Would love for someone to look at my blood results from March and just get some feedback and advice. Much appreciation in advance!

Hope you are all well :)

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Both T4 & T3 are low in range and TSH is 2.21 which is all ok in someone not medicating. However raised Anti Nuclear Antibodies point to an autoimmune disease and your doctor should be looking at Hashimotos considering your other symptoms.

Weight gain, raised ANA and inflammation in the body demonstrated by elevated CRP & ferritin could point to the beginnings of hypothyroidism//hashimotos. A positive result of both//or either TPOAb & TGAb will confirm this ?

Do you have hot and cold fluey moments ?

Vit B12 & folate are just ok but if Hashi is confirmed it would be prudent to supplement as many Hashi sufferers counter nutrient absorption problems.

Post rest of results when you have them for members to comment.

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Thanks for your input. Just in that message I have been given enough information than I would ever of had from my GP! So very annoying!

Yeah I wake feeling so vile most days, I feel lethargic, constant migraine and chronic neck pain. I get cold in the heat haha! And boil at the slightest activity and I never ever used to barely sweat whilst exercising. I think the most frustrating thing is feeling like I am actually going to die when riding my bike or even just going for a walk with the dog!

I do have my days when I don't feel as bad though!

I can't thank you enough, I will post the rest when i receive them

Victoria x


You say in a past posting that you were diagnosed with low vitamin d and had being given supplements. Are you still taking them? Have your levels been rechecked recently?


Well I was put on a 6 week course of high strength vit d and had to book myself back and to ask for a follow up. I was then told I should have been on it for 10 weeks - and was never given the 4 extra weeks to take.

I was booked back in for bloods to check and didn't hear anything. They are actually awful. I tried to change dr surgery and was refused.


You can ask Blue horizon to do the vitamin D test for you, assuming these latest results were very recent. They may still have your blood there to do extra test. No idea of cost .....ring and ask them

Or city assay can send you a spot test - £28


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