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anyone ever been to see Dr J Powrie at St thomas' in london

Went to the gp today to talk over results. I'm still on levy (not got up the courage to try not yet) but wanted to talk to her about adding t3 and LDN. She was happy for me to have either but when she tried to prescribe them both were greyed out so she could't help. She has made me an appt to see and endo as she thinks that she will be able to prescribe if she has a consultants ok. She's really trying to help but her hands are tied but the trusts system. The endo she's made the appt with is Dr J Cowrie at st thomas' in london. Has anyone had any contact with him. Slightly concerned its a diabetic endo clinic!!!

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Endocrinologists are primarily diabetes doctors so most thyroid clinics are held in the diabetes units.

If you've not had any feedback on Dr. Cowrie feel free to repost your question. Put Dr. Cowrie's name in the title and ask for feedback via private messages.

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