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A Big Hello from South London

Hey all, i have been reading the boards here for some time now and have not properly said hello. so , HELLLLLOO : )

I am a Gardener, im mostly quite active when i feel well but i am juggling a few different health issues around and have good days and bad days.

Health wise, I'm Hypo thyroid, on 150mg Levo at the moment. I also currently deal with Fibromyalgia issues and Chronic fatigue... the Fatigue is such a drag at times. As most of you know only too well. I also have Plantar f issues but they are under control for now because i am drinking lots of water and fresh veg juice.

I hate banging on about whats up with me, but i guess that's partly why i am here.

I have found the info here so valuable. so thank you to you all.

All the best

Zoo x

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Hello Zoo. Vitamin D may be a good thing to take, I found it helped with general aches. But being a gardener you are probably getting plenty of sunshine 😎


Hi ya Afahan, Yes to the Vit D. I've just had some new bloods taken and a timed cortisol test. The Endo, suggested that i may be lacking in Vit D even though i work outside all day. I get the results on July 19th when i go for the next appointment. Will be interesting what they find. He said he would give me an injection of Vit D if i needed it. ... I feel a bit like a human pin cushion at the moment :/


Hi Zoo, like you I have Hypo and Fibro issues. I was taking 50mcg for Hypo and amiltriptyline for fibro. Felt awful and decided to give up the amiltriptyline as they made the fog worse. I have bad days, but this can last a week or more. The guys here encouraged me to get blood tests done (hadn't been checked in 14 months) and post the results. I've just done that and this forum said I needed a higher dose of Levo and a B12 supplement. Battled with GP who gave in and started to take B12 spray. If I were you I would get your bloods done (inc B12) and post here. They are so knowledgeable and I believe I only got the raise in meds is because I was quoting what my optimal readings should be.



Hi Di, Thanks for your reply. I too have tried to get on with Amiltriptyline for the fibro but i gave up after 12 days as i turned into a mess. Crying and highly anxious. I had two bad panic attacks, that's not me by any means. I was super foggy as well and felt totally in orbit. I could not see how i would be able to get better and get back to work if i stuck with them so i decided to stop. I could totally see how the drug was creating further problems for me and i was still in huge pain, it was crazy and just not worth the agro. Surprisingly, it took me about a month to feel mentally well again after coming off them. So i decided to put up with the pains and find other ways to relive the pain. ... Paracetamol effervescent tablets help and i also resort to codeine when things get tough, although i can't take them if i am working the next day as they make me super fuzzy the next day. Im really lucky with work as they are really supportive and know that if i have to take time out, its because i am really not well rather than it being me pulling a fast one.

Really, i am just feeling my way with this. Maybe it will get worse in the future but for now i feel like i have things managed.

with the B12 thing, My GP says i don't have a problem with that.

Who knows.

I think that the thyroid medication may be on the low side. I am going to ask the Endo if i can try T3 when i see him next. My GP nearly fell through the floor when i asked her, she said it was really expensive and not available... I know i can order it my self, and am going to ask if i can obtain it my self and be guided by the Endo... wish me luck.


Hi Z, Just because the GP says your B12 is ok I would ask for the results. My doctor said I was ok at 309, The guys on this site said I should aim for min 500, so I take an oral supplement. I'll try anything! Keep us posted. I battled with my doc to put me up after posting my results and here's hoping for the next 2 months.

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Ok, i will ask.

Thanks very much, this is all really positive

Good luck with your battles.

We should not have to battle to be well, should we.

All the best

xx Z


Hello, zoo! I hail from south London, too - a long, long time ago, in a another galaxy. I now live in France.

I suppose you do know that fibro and CF aren't diseases, they are syndromes, and they could very well be caused by your hypo not being properly treated - Plantar f is most definitely a hypo symptom. Do you have any lab results that you can share with us? With the ranges, of course.

Has your doctor tested vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin? These are often low in hypos - even if you do work outside! - but need to be optimal for your body to use the hormone you're giving it. So, it would be a very good idea to get those tested, and supplement any deficiencies. There are other vitamins and minerals that could be low, but those are the basics, and best to start with those. When you get the results, post on here, and members will be able to advise. You won't get any help from your doctor on that, because they know nothing about nutrients! :)


Heya, Greygoose, thanks for that. Yes i know this and totally think that i am not on the right dose of levo.

Right o, i will get the print outs and post them up, it would be good to get some guidance. To be honest, my medication rises every few months as my levels are not stable yet, the GP says she can not prescribe me a higher dose now until i have seen the endo... Interestingly or maybe sadly, the endo says that my levels are ok and he does not want to increase the dose. Yet i still feel ill and its kind of impacting my whole life. Im just in the middle of buying my first house. Mostly this is fine and exciting but lurking in the background is the fear that i will not be able to do my job, have to stop working and then will not be able to pay my mortgage etc. I had a scare at the beginning of the year and seriously thought that i would have to give up my job. I'm a fighter and i love my job but sometimes it feels like i am trying to hold back the tide.

I ordered the 'Root Cause' book...http://thyroidpharmacist.com/book, it was interesting but i had to improvise to my personal budget. So i looked into juicing as well. This helps with aspects of my situation but it can not repair my failing thyroid.

I'm very on it with my medication, i take it a prescribed with out fail but lately i have wondered to experiment with the dose but am scared to just in case i mess things up rather than improve my situation.

Thanks again for your post.

all the best

And thanks to all

Zoo xx


Zoo, an awful lot of us self-treat. Me included. Even if you do go slightly wrong, it's not permanant, you can always change the dose again. The rule is, small increases - not more than 25 mcg - every six weeks. If you go too high, just come down again. But it will be interesting to see if you're converting well, when you post your labs. :)


O wow really? This is encouraging for sure... my Gp will have a nervy B about it. She is very strict with the medication numbers. At the moment she is prescribing me one month at a time. Maybe i will buy some Levo privately .... I think i will wait until the next Endo appointment before i embark on some experimental business.

Thank you so much and i will get my results for sure and post them up.

z xx

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