Crashing now big style

Hi. I posted a coupe of days ago about the fatigue and anger and general rubbishness of this all coming back to me as I adjust to my new level of drugs. Well what I thought was going to be a slow and steady decline has just hit me full pelt and I feel as bad/low as I did the first time I posted on here. I have my Endo in two weeks and I know she's upping my Levo and I know this was probably going to happen. It I'm so upset. I feel angry and like one of my toddlers I just want to scream and cry and stamp my feet. I know that's pathetic but I feel pathetic. Sorry no real reason for this post. Just need to communicate with people that actually understand me.......and now I feel guilty this is so depressing sorry.

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  • Don't feel guilty, it's absolutely normal when under medicated, we've all been there..many still are!! As I get nearer my optimal dose I find the gap between these 'crashes' gets longer so don't despair. Hope everything goes well with your endo appointment xxx

  • Thank you. Just feel so angry and frustrated xx

  • I've had those feelings too 😉 xxx

  • Maraphipps.....

    I had the same feelings until I was on the right dose. It felt like a very deep rage I was practically grinding my teeth with it. If my poor hubby made an innocent remark about practically anything I made sure I shot back something really spiteful and nasty, sometimes something completely unrelated, I just couldn't help myself. I would get really upset over the simplest things. The smallest problems would appear to me as a Sisyphean tasks. I would also refuse to answer the phone or make phone calls, especially business related ones.

    Bless hubby, he realised that it wasn't "me" making these remarks or actions so he would change the subject or ask would I like to go for a walk and a breath of fresh air...and then put a bucket on his head for protection if I snarled back at him! :D He went through so much.

    It will get better. Maybe explain to your nearest and dearest that this can happen and it will resolve when you are properly medicated. Hang in there. :)

  • Glad it's not only me that's been a bitch to their other halves spongecat! Our husbands do have a lot to put up with..not sure I'd be as understanding if the boot had been on the other foot if I'm honest.

  • It's horrible. I do truly love my husband. He is actually amazing. He is dealing with this soooo well. It's my heart that's breaking and realising the depths of this horrid mess 😢

  • It will get better, honestly x Keep asking advice on here and you'll get there x

  • Thank you xx

  • You have just hit this shitty nail on its head! 😬

  • Im new here................and from what Im seeing and reading this place seems to be a pretty safe place to honestly express all the "crap" that goes with diagnosis, meds, reactions and symptoms. Thanks for your honestly and I truly hear what you are saying.

  • I'm sorry there are so many of us going thro this. Thank you for your support xx

  • I think most of us here have been through something similar - I feel for you. At times I thought I could literally kill something, even inanimate objects. When a chair just sitting there makes you cross and want to beat the hell out of it, you know there is something wrong. I used to get like this and then on other days be so apathetic that if the house was on fire, I would have just shrugged and gone back to sleep!

    I took my own health into my own hands, read everything I could (and threw books!) and bought NDT. I have not looked back, consider myself fairly normal (as normal as I ever was) and the best thing ever - I got my brain back!

    Keep going - you will get there. Just keep asking, we are here for support. And dont be fobbed off by anyone - you know your body better than anyone, so listen to it. Oh, and breath! Hug.

  • I'm going to sound a little stupid here but what's NDT?

  • Ok so it's a natural version of T4 - T3?

    It's nicer to take? You get it on prescription?

  • I just take levothyroxine!

  • One thing to be really really grateful for is that you realize what is behind the despair and anger. : ) You will be okay. Hang in there.

  • Agreed xx

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