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Does it ever get better?

Hi all,

I started to feel unwell over 3 years ago my first symptoms where 2 stone weightloss over a month and tachycardia after a few trips to A&E I was diagnosed with hashimoto thyroiditis.

At first the endo said watch and wait so sent me back to the gp with a guide as to start levothyroxine when my TSH reached 10 so i was put on 50mg my TSH crept up again to 11 so the thyroxine was upped again too 100.

My last bloods my TSH was 17 so now I am on 150mg thyroxine a day and prescribed amitriptylen for pain.

The ami I have been on around a year 30mg a night and the 150mg thyroxine about six months.

The trouble is I still feel crap my fingers and ankles are so painful all day everyday they are red and hot to the touch and swollen.

My question is should I feel better by now on 150mg?. Or could there be something else going on, I have had a few mild positive ANA test's. I have a horrid rumbly/ shaky feeling inside (even when unmedicated)

I'm at a loss I feel any symptom gets blamed on my thyroid I just want to feel well again.

Thank you.

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Have you ever had FT4 and FT3 tested? These are important too. It's OK to keep raising your Levo dose but it's important to know what the Levo is doing and whether you are converting the T4 to T3.

Also what about your vitamins and minerals, optimal levels are needed for thyroid hormone to work. It could be that you have an absorption problem.

As you have Hashimoto's, are you gluten free to try and reduce the antibody attacks, and taking selenium to help convert T4 to T3 as well as reduce antibodies?

If not already done you need tests for (in addition to TSH, and as you already have a diagnosis of Hashimoto's the TPO and Tg antibody tests aren't essential now but if they're done then that's fine)



Vit D




Once you have the results put them in a new post for members to advise on supplements.

Read about Hashimoto's and look into going gluten free (some people also need to be dairy free)

Lots of other articles available online.


Welcome to the forum, Mouseyblue,

Hashimotos and hypothyroidism do get better when you are optimally medicated but you may also need to optimise your vitamins and minerals.

If you can post your thyroid results with the ranges (figures in brackets after results) we will be able to see whether you are optimally medicated or not. Also post any results and ranges you have for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Ask GP to test if they haven't been done.

Hashimoto's) causes 90% of hypothyroidism in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada and will eventually destroy the thyroid gland which is why Levothyroxine dose needs increasing as thyroid failure progresses. 100% gluten-free diet may improve symptoms, slow progression and reduce antibodies.

Your red, hot and swollen joints aren't typical hypothyroid symptoms. Ask your GP to test for rheumatoid arthritis.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


The problem could well be the levothyroxine and amytriptiline which might prove helpful if you weren't hypothyroid (I am not medically qualified) rather than prescribing some T3 to your T4.

Muscle/joint pains are also hypothyroid symptom. I only developed mine when first on levothyroxine.

I am glad to say I am now symptom-free by finding info through info and suggestions.

Do NOT stop any anti-depressants without gradually reducing (I believe) and tell your GP. Go to the date September 24, 2002 and read the question/answer.

We have to read and learn in order to recover our health as doctors appear to be the last ones to know anything other than the TSH but I doubt they know where that comes from and it's not the Thyroid gland.

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Hi mouseyblue, I know it's hard to believe but it will get better from here on in but you're going to have to start putting together your own puzzle - what has caused your Hashimotos??? Each persons Hashis is different. So step one is finding out what has caused this - there will be a few things - and step by step start putting them right.

Let's start with your Levo, that's not going to reverse your disease, it's only replacing your depleting hormones as your thyroid gland gets destroyed hence you keep having to up your dose, you're not doing anything to stop the attack (antibodies are a sign of attack). In order to stop your attack you will have to start with your diet so that's step 2 - you'll have to eliminate gluten as that is causing Intestinal Permiability (Leaky Gut), from there you will have to get tested for other good sensitivities- dairy/eggs/sugar/nuts etc and remove them as you heal your Leaky Gut (step 3) - Paleo and AIP diets for this.

Step 4 - is gut issues - have you IBS? What's causing this? Have you gut infections/parasites or other viral infections like EBV (have you ever had glandular fever?). After we heal our gut with Prebiotics (food) you then introduce probiotics to get your gut flora back in balance.

Step 5 - regulate your hormones and blood sugars - Adrenal Fatigue (that's what's causing your shakiness) will get better as you lower your stress (gut infections and food intolerances can be a stress too) but diet is important here - good fat and proteins with low carb.

Make sure you also address Vitamin Deficiencies - Your body is basically inflamed from the autoimmune attacks going on so Vit D will help, Selenium is great as is Magnesium, B12 and Zinc but really you should try getting your minerals from nutriant dense foods.

I promise you from the bottom of my heart that changing your diet alone will make the biggest impact.

All the best 💟


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