VitD3..... More Info Appreciated

I found yesterday's post about Vit D very informative and learned a lot so thank you everyone for that. Muscle pain has remained as a continued symptom for me when all else seems pretty good,which has not only puzzled me but inhibited the amount of walking I do.

My question now is what dose can you take at any one time ? I only take 1000 IUs once a day at lunchtime.However,this is seemingly not enough and though my reading of 96 is said to be replete I obviously need to take more to solve my problem. Though my Vit D is tested I've never been told how much to take. If much larger amounts are needed to cure muscle pain I would appreciate some added advice.I take my Armour Thyroid at approx.6.15 am before getting out of bed.

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  • Marfit74,

    VitD 96 is in the replete range 75-200nmol/L so I think it is unlikely that your muscle pain can be related to vitamin D levels. 1,000iu is maintaining your level at 96. Higher doses will push your levels up but toxicity is possible at 250nmol/L. You could increase dose to 5,000iu for 6-8 weeks but I doubt it will be helpful.

    Supplementing magnesium, magnesium oil spray rubbed into feet and legs, and Epsom Sallt baths before bed can relieve aching muscles. If you supplement magnesium you should take a zinc supplement too as they are synergistic.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • Thanks Clutter......I have often wondered about magnesium.I have to say that I've always been reluctant to stuff myself full of supplements,my thinking being that my good diet should be supporting me.However if needs must I'll give it a go.It never ceases to amaze me how much damage is done during the years that people have suffered thyroid problems and not been properly treated.Of course it raises another question doesn't good is the nutritional content of our food these days? How many of our problems are environmental?

  • Marfit,

    Soil is so nutritionally depleted that we can't get enough magnesium in food and most people are probably low/deficient in magnesium.

  • We probably need more supplements than we would ever be told then...........thank goodness we all have each other to at least share our concerns with.

    Thanks Clutter.

  • I agree with Clutter. Just because vitamin D helps with muscle and joint pain, it isn't the only cause of the problem.

    My husband doesn't have a thyroid problem, however he does have knackered joints and associated muscle pain. He found that cod liver oil capsules help him. He only takes one high-strength capsule a day and it improves things a lot.

    I must confess to being jealous of him. I wish my health problems were that easily fixed!

  • Thanks human bean........yes,another thing to try which could help.You are reminding me of childhood days when my mother used to give me a horrid spoonful of revolting thick vile tasting Cod liver oil emulsion.I can see and taste it now !! Thankfully things have improved these days.It sounds as though you are suffering........but thankfully if hubby is helped by his cod liver oil ,look on it as a blessing.I have never forgotten my parents' doctor saying to me many years ago when they were alive that they would be OK whilst one of them was mobile but if both were in a bad way they would collapse like a pack of cards...............I sincerely wish you well.x

  • I'm not doing too badly now - I'm not as healthy as some of my friends and relatives who are in my age group, but I'm so much better than I was 2 or 3 years ago. I've learned so much from forums, and I really believe they have saved my life. :)

  • That is good to hear and long may you get the support here that you need in order to keep moving forward.I think it is very difficult for our friends and indeed family sometimes to understand thyroid illness.I used to distribute flyers in order to try to widen people's awareness and understanding of it,but looking back I don't think it did much good.We are fortunate to have a forum here where people do understand the problems that arise along the journey and try to help each other as much as they can. They are the best friends you can have.x

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