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T3 Billy Kenber and The Times

Hi Riki,

That's very kind of you and thanks again for your time. I hope the press attention serves to sort out this problem once and for all!


On 6 June 2016 at 22:29, Riki Bannister <> wrote:

Hi Billy,

Thank you so much for your article in today's paper, we are all so very grateful to you. Not only did you expose such a rotten scandel but you have given many of us the energy to fight for a drug that we are entitled to. I know members have written to you personally but they are also writing to their MP's. We saw the price rising but didn't know why and could see the writing on the wall. AMCo's response was pathetic to say the least, my background is pharmaceutical manufacture although am now retired. As for price reflecting difficulty of manufacture may I respectfully suggest AMCo send their staff to Aventis-Sanofi for training as they clearly don't have any problems at 1.8 Euros per pack. AMCo may be able to compete then!

Thank you once again.

Best wishes


PS Sorry for late response to your article but have only just finished course which I wouldn't have been able to do in my T4 days.

This is an add on now I'm home and concentrating on this issue. I didn't send this to Billy But I think AMCo need to send their PR machine for training too. They seem to be in need of training given their response in trying to justifying the cost of T3. Do they think the public are stupid or what. I'm seriously thinking of setting up a non profit making company selling T3. As yet I don't know if this is possible but I am looking into it. If anyone on the site has any expertise in the matter would be grateful for input. Will wait and see what Sarah Wolloston has to say on the matter.

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Good for you .Marz says its about £3 per 100 in Crete .


1.15 euro for 30 x 25mcg :-)


that would be wonderful, as I just cannot afford the high prices going privately for T3, and my GP will not perscribe


Can't help I am afraid, but that sounds like an excellent plan. I hope you find someone who can provide the expertise you are looking for.

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If you want a source for pharmaceutical grade liothyronine (T3) in large quantities, try Alibaba. You can buy it by the kilogram. What you need after that is someone to turn it into pills or liquid...


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We need the formulation which will be in the British pharmacopoeia then we find a contract manufacturer. They will have all the equipment anyway. I used to do this for a living. So we are OK on that score it's just getting round all the red tape to get it into the market place ie the NHS that could be a bit tricky. Especially after Billy's report in The Times yesterday. It appears Whitehall knew about these goings on. Well there's a surprise, not.


Say what you will about US health care, but I got a three month prescription there for about $100, which is a little more than I paid when I used to order from Mexico but a tiny fraction of what my surgery currently pays for my script. I'm waiting for the sword to fall any day.

I'd stockpile it (I'm sorry but I would) if they sent me anything with more than four weeks before expiry. It was so much simpler (and less disempowering) when I ordered it myself, the cost was nothing compared to the peace of mind.


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