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Dear Dr Wollaston,

Further to my previous communications with you regarding the matter of a secure and acceptable UK price for Liothyronine, I have today come across another disturbing report in The Times newspaper.

Please see attached. (Sent all three of Billy Kenber's reports)

Contrary to AMCo'S response liothyronine is not difficult to manufacture and is now a generic product.

Custom Pharmaceuticals, a contract manufacturing company, I believe, manufactures liothyronine for AMCo an equity company. AMCo's comments regarding mainstream Pharma companies no longer want to manufacture these products could be true. If this proves to be the case why are the NHS drug procurement dept. not being proactive and securing a supply contract with a CONTRACT pharmacuetical manufacturing company, this is not difficult to do. In fact I used to do this myself. This would remove third party profiteering and dramtically reduce the NHS drugs bill. Makes perfect sense to me.

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  • You really are doing a sterling job Airmed, well done and thank you.

  • Airmed,

    I second Cinnamon_Girl. Thank you.

  • Forbes has an article - you get delayed connecting but it does get to the actual article for me:

    In 2014, Concordia Healthcare bought Donnatal, a decades-old drug used to treat irritable bowel syndrome. The $265 million deal was a windfall for a company backed by Paul Manning and his PBM Capital Group, a healthcare investment firm in Charlottesville, Va. Manning’s company received a $200 million cash payment financed with a loan from GE and $65.5 million of Concordia stock that represented a 15% stake in the company at the time.

  • Got that link from this site, which has a LOT of information:

  • Thanks for posting that Helvella. It really is an interesting site. Have put it into my favourites.

  • It makes me so angry when profit comes above people's quality of life. About time the NHS started playing these sharks at the own game. The buying power of the NHS must be phenomenal. Why are they not using it to their advantage. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Avarice and apathy seem to rule.

  • Thanks Airmed......I hope a reply from the totnes dr is helpful and positive and that she has her finger on the to speak! Alternative/complmentary medicine v. important here so we live in hope!

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