It's Volunteers Week!

It's Volunteers Week!

It's Volunteers Week! We wanted to say Thank You to all our volunteers for the wonderful work they do.

The HU Admin spend a lot of hours checking posts, answering posts and putting information onto HU and without them, many people would be lost.

Thyroid UK also has a Support Network, who run groups and speak to people on the telephone answering their queries and pointing them in the direction of information that would help them, a Patient Panel, who help us with our patient information, a Book Review Panel, who help us with the book reviews on our member magazine and many other volunteers such as our Trustees and our website lady, who all do lots of things for us so that people with thyroid disease and related disorders can be helped.

Let's have a shout out for all these lovely people!

Lyn Mynott


Thyroid UK

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We also must be very grateful to you Lyn one of the founding members as well as Louise and everyone in your office.

Aww..thanks Shaws! <3

Thank you Lyn.

As shaws said, I'm grateful you founded TUK and *wave* hello to all the other volunteers involved in helping TUK.

Can't thank you all enough, i'd be a wreck without Health Unlocked!! xx

Thank you guys!! You show true dedication, commitment and compassion. Such a worthy cause. Where would we all be?? xxx

Whoohoo 😊 thank you all ive recently discovered this site ive passed it on to others .xxxxxx

Yes, absolutely huge thanks to you all.

Hi Lyn & Co,

Thank you all from the bottom of my ❤️. My health is improving daily, and I contribute that to every volunteer involved in any way in running this remarkable operation.

God Bless.



To all the knowledgeable wise ones, admin and regular posters who provide some meat on the bones of thyroid knowledge. Thank you so much xxx

All of the above ....+ a MASSIVE THANK YOU from me ...... you're our 'TUK angels'.♡♡♡

Thank you everyone! We love helping you and hope to help more of you in the future! <3

Huge thanks for your dedication, knowledge, kindness and patience in supporting us all.

A big 'THANK YOU' to you all, especially the volunteering members, without finding TUK and with all the help and top advice I have been given from it's members, my Family and myself would still be ill.

TUK's volunteers are 'much appreciated.'

Thanks to all. Without you and other members comments. I'd probably be dead!

Thank you I really appreciate all the help and advice you give to me and others. X

A big "Thank you" to all the admins on this site for comments and links to articles which are educating all of us slowly. And thanks also to the members who are already educated for supporting those of us trying to make changes..

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