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Graves disease? Results to interpret thanks

Hey all!

Im relatively new here, and recently did the Graves diease antibodies test at the recommendation of the group (thank you!)

Here are the results:

TSH less than 0.03 ml U/I

FT3 5.87 (3.5-6.5) pmol/L

FT4 8.1 (10.3-19.7) pmol/I

TSI (Thyroid Stimul. Ig) 774 (0-140) %

*My hyperthyroid is slightly overmedicated here, that's why the FT3 is in range and FT4 is low. The previous test for FT3&4 showed:

FT3 7.37 (3.5-6.5)

FT4 8.2 (10.3-19.7)

Here both are out of range, one is high, one is low.

Any and all advice appreciated! Esp regarding what this could mean long term.

Other info: I'm 13 months after giving birth. Was medicated from 8 months post partum on methimazole/mercaptizole. Recently switched to propylthiuracyl.

Thanks in advance!

Tamar x

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I'm sorry you've had no replies.

I think you are positive for Graves as antibodies are >140.

A lot of hyperthyroid patients have remission around 12-18 months after being on Carbimazole or PTU. Remission is permanent in less than 50% of patients who have Graves Disease. If remission fails your options are to continue regulating thyroid levels with anti thyroid drugs, or to have thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine ablatement (RAI). The latter two will make you permanently hypothyroid. RAI is not recommended in patients who have thyroid eye disease as it can make it worse, and RAI necessitates quarantining yourself away from children so is not always an option.


Thanks clutter! Appreciate it.

Ok so here's hoping I go into remission! Only time will tell... Ill update after visit with the doc.

Thanks again x


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