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Mercury Pharma

It was a year ago when I raisd with my MP and via him Ministers the extortionate cost of T3.Today the Times announces that there will be an investigation by the Competitions and Markets Authority into profiteering by several pharma companies.

The Times says Mercury Pharma was purchased ,along with other pharma companies and merged with them by Cinven a private equity company that made £1.5 billion from then selling on to Canadian company Concordia. No doubt Cinven upped the prices to make them more profitable before selling on.

The Government has been stung into belated action but no doubt any idea of buying elsewhere is beyond the assorted intelligence of civil servants and Ministers.

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The petition below has 56,000+ signatures requesting Jeremy Hunt closes the loophole which allows the profiteering to happen.



Already signed .There is a more detail on page 12 of the Times.My post was from the front page shown on the beeb site.


Thank you very much for this important post.

It is right that the cost of T3 should be investigated. What with some authorities notifying the withdrawal of T3 to patients through the NHS.

Even though MP T3 might not now be prescribed I assume the other T3's available on a 'named patient' basis will be permitted (as can NDT).


I have no knowledge about T3 on a named patient basis.Do GPs know about the alternative suppliers and are they available to pharmacies in the UK ? Or is the CCG simply saying no T3 ?

There are other medicines similarly giving abnormal profits and will be part of the CAM investigation.

A shame these profiteers cannot be prosecuted and banned from owning companies.


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