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Radon and thyroid

My husband is hypothyroid and takes meds for same. I nor my family has ever had any thyroid diseases. I went to my doctor for listlessness, no energy and my blood results have come back hypothyroid and being given meds for same. We have known our house has radon over 4 but we never thought much about it and never gotten it taken care of. I developed somewhat of a cough and energy level isn't up to par and I've lost some weight. I am contemplating radon mediation and wondering if I should go back to doctor and have check for thyroid cancer?

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Do you have a swelling or lump in your throat or neck? It's very unlikely you have thyroid cancer without having a palpable lump. Even when there is a lump 95% of nodules are benign.


Thank you for replying. No lumps and to know that most are benign is great to know.


It's probably just coincidence. Hypo is very common, and I don't have thyroid issues in my family either, never lived anywhere with radon.

Do you know if you have antibodies?

Cases of hypo are not increased in particular geographical areas, (except where iodine is low) which you would expect if radon caused it.


Thank you for replying. I shall check up on antibodies and iodine level.


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