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low thyroid and very high blood pressure

hi there - am wondering if anyone can help. an elderly relative who has been tested for low thyroid is waiting on results - however she has extremely high blood pressure and docs just giving her more and more meds - she literally has no appetite or energy. does anyone know of any supplements which might help in the meantime for her high blood pressure. thank you in advance

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My mum has found that CoQ10 has lowered her blood pressure but there are contraindications so best to research first.

She's also found Rosehip & Hibiscus tea helpful.

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Important to read up on what may be the cause - after all raised blood pressure is a symptom of something else.

Low Iron can cause the heart to beat faster - in its quest to push more oxygen around the body as oxygen sticks to iron in the red blood cells.

Low magnesium - this can cause the arteries to be less flexible so the blood is pushing through a narrower space.

Low FT3 is very important for the heart and ALL muscles - thyroid hormones are very important for heart health. Google low T3 Syndrome and Hearts :-)

Do hope they tested the FT4 and FT3 and not just the TSH - which tells us so little.


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