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menopause and thyroid

hello everyone ,I have an over active thyroid for the second time (graves desease} I had this 15 years ago also at 50 going through the first stages of menopause working with younger people in retail working 30 hours and feel like im going round the bend mood swings like crazy and feeling low only taking 5mg of carbinmazole 3 times aday was on the propropronolol but been taken off them as they want too see how I get on with out them awaiting next hospital appointment does anyone else feel low at the moment

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Welcome to the forum, Sandragrimes.

I'm sorry you've had no replies. Having a second episode of hyperthyroidism is very lowering and menopause is probably not helping. On the right hand side of the page under Topics there are pinned posts on Menopause, Graves Disease and Hyperthyroidism which you may find helpful.


I was reduced ton10mg of carbinmazole and I've been told I will be having radioiodine end of January possibly early feb



If you are comfortable taking Carbimazole you don't have to agree to radioactive iodine ablatement which will make you hypothyroid within a few weeks or months.


research bugleweed, this herb balances the thyroid whether it be under or over active. as well as other things in the body especially good for the heart,

if you are going to take any natural medication always allow 2 hours away from any medication you can just take this as an infusion, it works for some people always test on the skin first to make sure you do not have a reaction to it.

rhodiola is worth researching as well.


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