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Hi I have been reading everyones post for information, I've just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism underactive been put on 100 mcg level. Tsh was 100 and very low t3 I think, thing is I feel like I'm really ill. Weak, aching muscles. Freezing cold. Brain not working as should! Called the doctors and they don't seem to have an answer if this is what to expect, need to get well as have a son and daughter to look after :((( thanks nat.

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  • How long have you been taking levo for? It does take time to start and have an effect.  Have you had any other tests done? X

  • Hi since last Tuesday, I've got high ck protein which I think goes with the muscle pain I've been having, been test for celiac disease. Parathyroid and tpo today, hoping it's just part of my levels coming back to normal. Hope so because I don't recognise myself anymore haha I look that bad lol.

  • It took me over a year to feel anything like normal. My TSH was 101.You need to have another blood test in six weeks which may lead to an increase in T4.

  • I'm afraid it takes time. My TSH was 109.1 when I was diagnosed in April 2015. 13 months later I am just beginning to feel something like normal, not 100% but getting there.

  • You need to make sure they test you for antibodies, and also ask for your B12, ferritin, folate and VitD to be checked. They are often low in people with thyroid problems, and will make the aches and pains worse.

  • PS the antibodies may be high.

  • Hi had back my blood results and the doctor said I have hashimotos with a high level of antibodies, still feeling muscle and bone pain skin is hurting, very weak. Today I've felt nauseous too! My tsh has gone from 100 to 3.9? Since last Tuesday, doctor says that's normal. Im to stay on levothyroxine and the doctor is referring me to an endrocologist. My house is a mess, I'm just able to do the basics quick meals, bathroom clean and kitchen somewhat tidy, the rest of the house is :0, toys everywhere, I am just too weak to do anything. :(

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