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I have had a thyroid problem for many years and always trusted the doctors to guide me. I am having some problems at the moment but I have been dieting and maybe that's having an effect. Please can someone enlighten me as to what are considered normal ranges so that when I ask for mine I can at least try to understand. Grateful for any help.

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Welcome to the forum, AlliceC.

There are no universally normal ranges. The ranges are calibrated according to the type of machine used to analyse bloods and a mean average of the local population sample so they vary from area to area. You need to ask your GP for the lab ref ranges applicable to your thyroid results or other blood tests. If you post them in a new question members will advise whether they are normal or optimal.

Low calorie diets will lower your conversion rate, making you more hypo. So, yes, it could have had an effect.

Do you mean to ask 'what are considered normal results'? A 'normal' result, according to doctors, is anything in range. But, you probably need your results for FT4 and FT3 to be up near the top of the range, and your TSH at one or under. But, we're all different, and how you feel is far more important than the results. Optimal is where you feel well. :)

Thank you for your info, just back from the surgery blood test next week so I will ask for the results. When I just asked for the previous result I was fobbed off. I will persist, I am feeling ill enough to be strong. I remember being told 4 and 18 in a previous conversation but no explanation given.

It is your legal right to have a copy. If they fob you off, they are breaking the law. Don't hesitate to remind them of that. :D

I will and thanks again.

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